Spring 2013 Undergraduate Distance Courses

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

College of Agriculture

AGRN 1003: Basic Crop Science

AGRN 2043: Basic Soil Science

AGRN 5063: Soil Microbiology Lecture

AGRN 5103: Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement

AGRN 5303: Soil Chemistry

AGRN 5403: Bioenergy and the Environment

ENTM 2043: Insects-Introduction to Entomology

ENTM 5363: Landscape Entomology

FDSC 5153: Food Laws and Regulations

HORT 2043: Organic Gardening

PLPA 3003: General Plant Pathology

College of Education

CTCT3003: Leadership Skills for Pers Org Dev

CTCT 3253: Information Processing II

CTCT 4203: Managing Office Systems

CTEE 4923: Internship

CTEE 4953: Professional Development Seminar

CTSE 4083: Curr and Teaching II: For Lang Ed

CTSE 4203: Class Management: Foreign Lang

KINE 1103: Wellness

KINE 3003: Medical Terminology for Allied Health Professionals

KINE 3103: Adaptive Sports

KINE 4403: Applied Anatomy for the Allied Health Professional

KINE 4563: Sport Technique and Movement Analysis

KNIE 4623: Exercise and Sports Psychology

PHED 1003: Active Auburn

PHED 1263: Military Fitness

RSED 3003: Diversity and Exceptionality of Learners

College of Engineering

COMP 1003: Personal Computer Applications

COMP 3013: Spreadsheet Applications with Visual Basic

College of Human Sciences

HUSC 2003: Hungers-Causes, Consequences, and Responses

HUSC 3383: Study Abroad Opportunities in Human Sciences

NTRI 2003: Nutrition and Health

College of Liberal Arts

COMM 1003: Public Speaking

COMM 3113: Persuasive Discourse

CMDS 2503: Communication Disorders in Society

FLSP 1013: Elementary Spanish I

FLSP 1023: Elementary Spanish II

MUSI 2733: Appreciation of Music

College of Sciences & Math

SCMH 1013: Concepts of Science