PDS Spring 2013 Web Archive

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2014)

The Biggio Center is pleased to announce that our latest Professional Development Seminars are now available online. You will be able to view video recording of the lecture as well as the full notes of the presenter at the links provided below.


February 27, 2013 – Breeden Grant Program

Daniel F. Breeden Endowed Grant Program supports teaching and learning projects that directly benefit the instructor, students, and AU’s overall teaching program. Approximately $30,000 is available each academic year for awards. Join Dr. Chaudhury and the Breeden Grant committee in this overview of the Breeden Grant Program and application process.


February 14, 2013 – Engaging Students in Active Learning: Active Learning Strategies

Get exposed to some easy-to-use active learning strategies that can get students engaged in learning. Participants will learn the basic assumptions and some easily applicable strategies of active learning.


January 31 – What Auburn Students Want from Faculty

What does Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) reveal about Auburn students’ academic expectations? How did the No Child Left Behind legislation influence student expectations and their responses to your course requirements? Biggio Center Assistant Director Stacey Nickson discusses the results of data collected from Auburn students over a 3-year period (2009 – 2011) by Biggio Center staff, using the SGIF process.

Viewers can use this information to better understand the impetus for students’ expectations, enhance student learning, improve course delivery and positively impact the experiences that students have in their classes.


January 15 – Peer Review of Teaching

Peer review of teaching is a form of evaluation designed to provide formative feedback to instructors about teaching and learning. It can also be used in summative ways. Dr. Buskist presents a detailed 5-step model for applying peer review at Auburn University with hands-on and practical tips.