Fall 2013 Graduate Distance Courses

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

College of Agriculture

AGRN 5103/ 6106 Plant Genetics and Crop Improvement

AGRN 6086: Soil Resources and Conservation

AGRN 6306: Soil Chemistry

AGRN 6906: Directed Studies in Agronomy and Soils

AGRN 6936: Advanced Directed Studies in Agronomy and Soils

AGRN 7146: Chemistry and Use of Herbicides in Crop Production

AGRN 7975: Seminar

AGRN 7996: Research and Thesis

PLPA 5203: Mycology

PLPA 6206 Mycology

College of Architecture

BSCI 7036: USACE Construction Information Management

BSCI 7056: Executive Issues Construction

BSCI 7106-01: Grad Elect in Proj Mgmt: Project Management and Scheduling

BSCI 7106-02: Grad Elect in Proj Mgmnt: USACE

College of Business

ACCT 6136: Advanced Accounting Topics

ACCT 6426: Income Tax II

ACCT 6616: Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting

ACCT 7136: Financial Analysis and Valuation

ACCT 7416: Federal Tax Research

ACCT 7516: Integrated Accounting Applications

ACCT 7976: Advanced Special Topics-Taxation

BUSI 7116: Financial Analysis

BUSI 7126: Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions

BUSI 7136: Strategic Analysis and the Competitive Environment

BUSI 7146: Organizational Leadership and Change

BUSI 7226: Operations and Information Technology for Competitive Advantage

BUSI 7236: Cost Analysis and Systems

BUSI 7976: Special Topics in Business

BUSI 7986: Integrated Business Project and Case Analysis

BUAL 6616: Predictive Modeling II

BUAL 6656: Big Data I

FINC 6516: Multinational Financial Management

FINC 6686: Financial Engineering

FINC 7626: Advanced Real Estate Finance

FINC 7636: Healthcare Finance

FINC 7646: Advanced Investments

FINC 7906: Individual Study in Finance

FINC 7976: Special Topics

ISMN 6046: Advanced Business Data Communication

ISMN 6276: Curr Issues in Infor Systems

ISMN 6376: Project Management

ISMN 6656: Advanced Object-Oriented and Internet Programming

ISMN 6716: Information Risk Analysis

ISMN 6966: Special Problems

ISMN 7836: Advanced Database Management Systems Projects

ISMN 7986: MMIS Project

MKTG 7356: Services Marketing

RDEV 7126: Field Studies

RDEV 7236: Real Estate Market Analysis

RDEV 7246: Building Design and Construction Principles

RDEV 7536: Real Estate Securitization

RDEV 7546: Real Estate Development Law

College of Education

CTCT 6056: Methods of Teaching in Area of Specialization

CTCT 6066: Program Planning in Area of Specialization

CTCT 7006: Foundations of Career and Technical Education

CTCT 7306: Learning Resources in Area of Specialization

CTCT 7756: Administration of Career and Technical Education

CTCT 7786: Research in Career and Technical Education

CTCT 7916: Practicum in Area of Specialization

CTCT 7926: Internship

CTCT 7976-BU1: Adv Techn Appl

CTCT 7976-BU2: Spec Topics in Agriscience Educ

CTCT 8986: Field Project

CTEE 7426: Curriculum and Teaching in Language Arts (K-6)

CTEE 7436: Curriculum and Teaching in Science (K-6)

CTES 7466: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in P-12

CTES 7476: Issues in English for Speakers of Other Languages Education (ESOL)

CTMU 7976-MU1: Sp Topic-Quantitative Music Ed

CTMU 7976-MU2: Sp Topic: Doctoral Seminar

CTMU 8986: Field Project

CTRD 7616: Literacy and Inquiry in Content Areas Grades 6-12

CTSE 7546: Evaluation of Program

CTSE 7916: Practicum Foreign Language

CTSE 8986: Field Project-Foreign Language

ERMA 7206: Basic Methods in Education Research

ERMA 7306: Design and Analysis in Education I

EDLD 8946: Direct Field Experiences in Educational Leaders

EPSY 7406: Ed Psych & Ed Implic

KINE 7626: Principles of Biomechanics

RSED 6016: Medical Aspects of Disability

RSED 6116: Curriculum in Early Childhood Special Ed

RSED 6186: Instructional Classroom Management

RSED 7016: Rehab Prof Programs Services

RSED 7326: Individual Counseling in Rehabilitation

RSED 7406: Curriculum and Teaching Specialization-Autism Research and Theory

RESD 7416: Program Implementation in Specialization-Case Management

RSED 7446: Seminar in Specialization

RSED 7916: Practicum

RSED 7926: Internship

RSED 8116: Organizational Leadership and Change in Rehabilitation

RSED 8956: Seminar-Organizational Leadership

College of Engineering

AERO 7516: Thrust Generation

AERO 7536: Aerothermchem of Propulsion

AERO 7626: Aeorspace Computational Structural Analysis: Static Structures

AERO 7976: Special Topics-Aerospace Engineering

CHEN 6416: Macromolecular Science and Engineering

CHEN 6816: Biomedical Engineering

CHEN 7106: Transport Phenomena

CHEN 7206: Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

CHEN 7256: Chemical Reaction Engineering

CIVL 6216: Chemical Principles of Environmental Engineering

CIVL 6256: Biological Principles of Environmental Engineering

CVIL 6606: Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design

CIVL 7236: Water and Wastewater Operations and Processes II

CVIL 7616: Structural Dynamics I

CIVL 7976: Special Topics in Civil Engineering: “Structural Masonry Design”

COMP 6126: Database Systems I

COMP 6326: Design and Analysis of Computer Networks

COMP 6376: Computer and Network Security

COMP 6626: User Interface Design and Evaluation

COMP 6706: Software Process

COMP 7306: Advanced Computer Architecture

COMP 7336: Topics in Parallel and Distributed Computing

COMP 7976-V01: Computing Foundations I

COMP 7976-V02: Computing Foundations II

COMP 7986: Master of Software Engineering Design Project

INSY 6636: Real Options/Decision Analysis

INSY 6806: Lean Production

INSY 6866: Automotive Manuf System

INSY 7066: Ergonomics I

INSY 7086: Human Factors Engr

INSY 7206: Engineering Applications of Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks

INSY 7306: Advanced Engineering Statistics I

INSY 7406: Simulation Modeling and Analysis

INSY 7956: Seminar

INSY 7976: Supply Chain Engineering

MATL 6106: Thermodynamics of Material Systems

MATL 6206: Crystallography

MATL 6406: Physics of Solids

MATL 7416: Chemical Sensors

MATL 7636: Nanomaterials for Biotechnology

MATL 7966: Directed Readings in Materials Engineering

MATL 7986: Masters Material Engineering Project

MECH 6236: Friction, Wear, and Lubrication

MECH 6436: Basics of Sensor Applications

MECH 6716: Kinematics and Dynamics of Robots

MECH 6976: Intermediate Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering-Renewable Energy Resources and Applications

MECH 7116: Advanced Fluid Mechanics I

MECH 7256: Boiling and Condensation

MECH 7316: Solid Mechanics

MECH 7376: Analysis of Plates and Shells

MECH 7396: Variational Mechanics

MECH 7626: Nonlinear Systems

MECH 7976: Adv Special Topics in Mech Eng Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer II

College of Human Sciences

HRMT 6546: Conference Coordination

HRMT 7006: Hospitality Enterprise

HRMT 7016: Advanced Tourism Analysis

HRMT 8866: Current Issues in Hospitality Management

NTRI 7056: Methods of Research

NTRI 7986: Nonthesis Research

NTRI 8976: Advanced Topics in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management