Summer 2013 Graduate Distance Courses

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

College of Agriculture

AGRN 7086: Experimental Methods

AGRN 7956: Seminar

ENTM 6366: Landscape Etomology

College of Architecture

BSCI 7106: Graduate Elective, USACE, Electrical

BSCI 7116: Construction Contracting Business

BSCI 7126: Construction Law and Risk Management

College of Business

ACCT 3113: Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3123: Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3213: Cost Accounting

ACCT 3513: Accounting Information Systems

ACCT 4143: Internal Auditing

ACCT 4313: Auditing and Assurance Services

ACCT 4413:  Income Tax I

ACCT 5133: Advanced Accounting Topics

ACCT 5423: Income Tax II

ACCT 5703: Advanced Business Law

ACCT 6136: Advanced Accounting Topics

ACCT 6316: Advanced Auditing and Assurance Services

ACCT 6426: Income Tax II

ACCT 6706: Advanced Business Law

ACCT 7116: Research in Accounting

BUSI 7216: Marketing and Consumer Theory

BUSI 7226: Operations and Information Technology for Competitive Advantage

BUSI 7976: Special Topics in Business

ISMN 6376: Project Management

ISMN 6676: Security and Information Assurance

ISMN 6776: Information Systems Ethics

ISMN 6966: Special Problems

ISMN 7886: Adv Mngmt Infor Systems

ISMN 7986: MMIS Project

MNGT 7426: Seminar in Org Change

MKTG 7376: Sales Management

RDEV 7126: Field Studies

RDEV 7136: Principles of Real Estate Development

RDEV 7146: Real Property Analysis

RDEV 7436: Real Estate Project Management

RDEV 7446: Real Estate Contract Negotiations

College of Education

CTCT 7106: Teaching Mechanical Technology

CTCT 7126: Courses of Study in Agriscience Education

CTCT 7776: Clinical Supervision

CTCT 7786: Research in Career and Technical Education

CTCT 7916: Practicum in Agriscience Educ

CTCT 7956: Seminar in Area of Specialization

CTCT 7976: Sp Topic: Adv Techn Applications

CTCT 8736: Curriculum Development in Career and Technical Education

CTCT 8776: Supervision of Instruction

CTCT 8986: Field Project

CTEC 7266: Play and Early Childhood Education

CTEE 7416: Curriculum & Teaching Soc Sci

CTEE 7446: Curriculum & Teaching Mathematics (K-6)

CTEE 7546: Evaluation of Programs in Area of Specialization

CTES 7406: Technology and Media in English for Speakers of Other Language Education (ESOL)

CTMU 7006:School and Community Music

CTMU 7516: Research Studies in Music Education

CTMU 7536: Organization of Program in Music Education

CTMU 7976-MU1: Sp Topic: Psychology of Music

CTMU 7976-MU2: Sp Topic: Qualitative Research

CTMU 7976-MU3: Sp Topic: The Arts in Education

CTMU 8986: Field Project

CTSE 7916: Practicum in Foreign Lang Ed

ERMA 8326: Design and Analysis in Education III

EDLD 7916: Practicum

EDLD 8246: Trends and Issues in Educational Administration

EDLD 8266: Theory and Development of Organizations

EDLD 8276: Leadership in Finance and Management

EDLD 8406: Ethics for Leaders

EDLD 8946-01: Directed Studies

EDLD 8946-02: Directed Field Experiences in Educational Leaders

EDMD 7016: Instructional and Information Technologies

FOUN 7006: Cultural Foundations of Education

KINE 7406: Advanced Anatomical Principles

KINE 7416: Advanced Anatomical Principles Lab

KINE 7626: Principles of Biomechanics

RSED 6166: Collaboration in Special Education

RSED 6226: Placement Services in Rehabilitation

RSED 6236: Rehabilitation Assistive Technology Masters

RSED 7416: Program Implementation in Specialization-Leadership

RSED 7446: Seminar in Specialization: Counseling through the Lifespan

RSED 7466: Positive Behavior Supports

RSED 7916-03: Practicum-Collaborative Teacher

RSED 7916-04: Practicum-Collaborative Secondary

RSED 8956: Seminar- Disabilities and Professional Issues: Disability Culture and Philosophy

College of Engineering

AERO 7986: Aerospace Engineering Project

COMP 6126: Database Systems I

COMP 7726: Software ReEngineering

COMP 7986: Master of Software Engineering Design Project

INSY 6016: Safety Engineering I

INSY 7026: Safety Engineering II

INSY 7066: Ergonomics I

INSY 7076: Ergonomics II

INSY 7086: Human Factors Engr

INSY 7336: Off-Line and On-Line Quality Control

MATL 7136: Advanced Polymer Science and Technology

MATL 7156: Nanoscale Science and Technology

MATL 7966: Directed Readings in Materials Engineering

MATL 7986: Master Materials Engineering Project

College of Human Sciences

HRMT 7926: Prof Internship in Hrmt

NTRI 7936: Advanced Independent Study

NTRI 7966: Special Problems

NTRI 7986: Nonthesis Research

NTRI 8976: Advanced Topics in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Hospitality Management

College of Liberal Arts

MUSI 7246: Intermediate Wind Band Lit

MUSI 7976: Sp Topics: Finale Tech in Mus Ed