Digital Content to Engage Students: Organic Chemistry Laboratory iBooks and iPad in a Large Lecture Course

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2014)

As part of the One University Digital Initiative at the University of Oklahoma, faculty were encouraged to adopt textbook alternatives to both save students money and increase engagement. One of the textbook alternatives was to create iBooks for courses. iBooks, specifically, and Open Educational Resources, generally, allow faculty the freedom to create a learning experience that is tailored to their students and curriculum. This presentation will discuss the conversion of a print laboratory manual into an enhanced iBook and the use of iPads in a large lecture course to promote active student engagement.

Mark Morvant has been part of OU’s digital initiative and has firsthand knowledge of their projects including the iBook and iTunes U training programs, iPad pilots, open courses, open educational resources, technology integrated active learning classrooms (SCALE-UP or TEAL model), and work-flow Faculty Learning Communities. He also started their Honors First-Year Research Experience for students within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry along with the Honors College.

Dr. Morvant will be hosted by Dr. Stew Schneller as part of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Colloquium.

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