A Step by Step Guide for Using Duo

Auburn is protecting your data

To provide additional protection against phishing scams and related cybersecurity threats, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is in the process of implementing 2-factor authentication on all Auburn systems with access to sensitive data. This coverage has been expanded, and you may have noticed some AU Access applications now prompt you for a Duo Security authentication.


Why Do I Need 2-Factor to Protect My Data?

You will be prompted for a Duo login to access sensitive services

By having an additional authentication check on your login, your password alone is not enough for a criminal to gain access to your account. A device is used to verify your identity when you attempt to login. You may already use 2-factor with other services such as online banking, retail, or social media sites. With recent high-profile data breaches like Equifax, this additional security helps safeguard your sensitive information at Auburn including your gradebook, course content, tax information, bank information, and email.


How Do I Setup Duo?

Your password + proof = access

To use Duo, you will need to register a device at auburn.edu/2factor. The most common authentication method is using a smart phone, however there are other alternatives such as a phone call, text message or a security token purchased from OIT. The Office of Information Technology has a complete guide to setting up 2-factor with Duo. If you have any questions on configuring Duo, the OIT HelpDesk at 334-844-4944 will be glad to assist you.


Last modified: February 16, 2018