Interested in Student Feedback Throughout the Semester?


We ask our students to provide meaningful feedback at the end of the semester through course evaluation. Although this feedback helps enhance your teaching for next semester, it has limited impact on those who are giving the feedback in the current semester. The Biggio Center is happy to announce a way for students to provide timely, anonymous feedback right through Canvas! The Feedback Box is an LTI integration that you can be enable in your course, providing students a simple, direct way to submit feedback while they are learning.
Once enabled, students click “Feedback” on the left and then start typing! This feedback is completely anonymous and immediate. After submission, the text will be available to you through the same link.

Canvas Feedback Box, Student View


We are working with oVote, the creators of Feedback Box, to add a few features that will expand the usefulness of this tool, such as the ability to reply, to opt-out of e-mail notifications, and to report/block abuse. We are helping shape the Feedback Box experience for you and your students, which means we want your feedback on Feedback Box!

Canvas Feedback Box, Teacher View


We are looking for faculty who are interested in allowing students the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the semester. Since this is a pilot program, we want faculty to know there may be a few hiccups during the experience. However, we believe that empowering students results in better learning.

Biggio Tech is offering two workshops on the tool, covering how to use it while also providing guidance on how to receive meaningful feedback from your students. If students give feedback throughout a semester, then they are prepared to answer the end of semester evaluations more thoughtfully, leading to a better learning experience for everyone.

Last modified: February 16, 2018