Conversations in Celebration of Teaching & Expo in Support of Research and Creative Scholarship


Dates and Location

Date – January 30, 2015
Time – 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location – Auburn Hotel and Conference Center, Ballrooms A and B

Registration closes January 16, 2015


Conversations in Celebration of Teaching

Showcasing Auburn faculty and their work with teaching, writing, innovative curriculum, ePortfolios, and technology.


Expo in Support of Research and Creative Scholarship

Highlighting resources available to support all forms of research and creative scholarship including: sponsored programs, research compliance, technology transfer, intramural grants, and awards.



Please list any dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) or food allergies.


Poster Sessions – College of Agriculture

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Steve Schmidt
Department of Animal Sciences
The Research Review: Learning the Science Behind Common Practices in Beef Production
David Weaver
Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
Teaching ‘Auburn-style’ in the People’s Republic of China
Alan Wilson
School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences
Effective Strategies for Converting Undergraduate Research into Peer-Reviewed Publications


Poster Sessions – College of Architecture, Design and Construction

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Magdalena Garmaz
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Environmental Design Program Curriculum: Creating Foundations in Systems and Design Thinking
Richard Burt, Mike Hosey, and Ben Farrow
McWhorter School of Building Science
Enhancing the Educational Experience: The Building Science Field Labs
Samantha Lawrie
School of Industrial and Graphic Design
Reading, Writing, and Talking: Using a Class Blog to Foster Engaged Learning


Poster Sessions – College of Education

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Victoria Cardullo
Department of Curriculum and Teaching
Integration of Technology: The SAMR Model and Bloom’s Taxonomy
Sara Wolf and Carey Andrzejewski
Department of Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
Making Assessment Visible to Students


Poster Sessions – College of Human Sciences

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Lindsay Tan
Department of Consumer and Design Sciences
R&R: Writing for the Flipped Design Studio
Paula Peek, Hyejeong Kim, Veena Chattaraman, and Carol Warfield
Department of Consumer and Design Sciences
Mobile ePortfolio Showcase Kiosks as a Teaching, Promotional, and Assessment Tool
Veena Chattaraman, Paula Peek, Carol Warfield, and Hyejeong Kim
Department of Consumer and Design Sciences
Assessing ePortfolios SLOs: A Comparison of Industry Advisory Board and Faculty Evaluations
Amy Rauer
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
From Peers to Professors: Learning How to be an Effective Editor
Jamie Sailors, Sharon Wilbanks, Margaret Vollenweider, Emily Cubie, Virginia Christian, and Robert Bubb
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
ePortfolio Assessment through Program-Specific Rubric Development
Sidney James
Women’s Philanthropy Board
Integrating ePortfolios in Online Courses


Poster Sessions – College of Liberal Arts

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Jane Teel
School of Communication and Journalism
Insights to Online Learning
Ric Smith
School of Communication and Journalism
Hands-On and Engaged: The Chattahoochee Heritage Project
Laura Willis
Department of Communication Disorders
Improving Writing in Clinical Practice
Emily Friedman and Derek Ross
Department of English
Back to our Roots: Teaching Digital Humanities and the History of the Book
Hilary Wyss and Kathryn Wickman
Department of English
Collaboration Across Large Section Core Literature Classes: Graduate Training and Undergraduate Learning
Miriam Clark
Department of English
But Enough about Me: Reflection as Teaching
Cathleen Erwin
Health Services Administration Program
Transitioning from Lecture to Team-Based Learning: Adventures in Flexibility and Adaptation
Emily Burns
Department of History
Breaking Out of the College Bubble: Using the EASL Classroom to Engage the Community Beyond Auburn
Debra Worthington
School of Communication and Journalism
Summarize, Apply, Analyze: An Introductory Theory Assignment
Kelly Krawczy
Department of Political Science
Using Writing Assignments to Improve Critical Thinking Skills: Implementation in the MPA Program Classroom
Ana Franco-Watkins
Department of Psychology
The Game of Life: Active Learning Strategies Applied to Game Theory
Danilea Werner
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work
I’m Hungry! Engaging Students in Active Learning through the Food Insecurity Challenge Assignment
Andrew Kozlowski
Department of Art and Art History
Sketchbook as Textbook
Paul McCormick
Information Technology
Developing Multimedia Content for ePortfolios


Poster Sessions – College of Sciences and Mathematics

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Patricia Hartman and Sharon Roberts
Biological Sciences
Teaching Students About Sources Through Infographics
Scott Bowling
Biological Sciences
Taking the Lecture Out of the Big Lecture Class
Kat West
Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Even in the Sciences: Improving Students’ Writing Using Peer Feedback
Ron Lewis
Geology and Geography
Research, Writing, and ePortfolios in the Undergraduate Curriculum, Department of Geology and Geography
Regina Jackson
Department of Math and Statistics
Training Our Future Professors in the Art of Teaching
Stuart Loch
Physics Department
Exploring Active Learning Techniques in a Flipped-Classroom: Lessons from an Introductory Physics Course


Poster Sessions – College of Veterinary Medicine

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Amy Munsterman
Department of Clinical Sciences
ePawtfolios: Showcasing the Skills and Experiences of Veterinary Students
Skip Bartol
Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology
Reproductive Sciences and Health Online: A Public/Private Partnership
Stephanie Ostrowski and Jim Wright
Department of Pathobiology
Observing Needs in Public Health: Service Learning in the Public Health Minor at Auburn


Poster Sessions – Harrison School of Pharmacy

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Pamela Stamm
Harrison School of Pharmacy
Setting Annual SMART Goals: An ePortfolio Assignment to Enhance Learning


Poster Sessions – Library

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Toni Carter
Understanding Plagiarism and Citation: The Libraries’ Online Tutorial


Poster Sessions – Office of University Writing

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
James Truman
Miller Writing Center
Peer Response in Class: Making Visible What You Already Do


Poster Sessions – Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Oladiran Fasina
Biosystems Engineering
Spiraling Engineering Curriculum: Writing as Transformation
Sushil Adhikari
Biosystems Engineering
What Teachers Can Learn from NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduate Programs: Lessons from the Biofuels and Bioproducts REU
Sushil Bhavnani
Mechanical Engineering
Inaugural Auburn University Senate Departmental Award for Excellence in Education
Rick Williams
Mechanical Engineering
Improving Technical Writing through a Thermodynamics Design Project
Gisela Diller
Polymer & Fiber Engineering
Problem-solving and Analytical Thinking Skills through Forensics Cases as a Teaching Tool in STEM
Yasser Gowayed
Polymer & Fiber Engineering
Connecting Science to Practice: A Function-Based Teaching Approach to Engineering Design


Poster Sessions – School of Nursing

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Libba McMillan
School of Nursing
Teaching Students to Work with Sources: The Lit Review


Poster Sessions – School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences

Presenter Name
Department Name
Poster Topic
Becky Barlow and John Kush
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Summarizing Science: Professional Poster Presentations to Help Students Synthesize and Organize Science-Based Information



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Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development
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