Cultural Insight Program



The Biggio Center’s Cultural Insight Program is the home of Culture Bump© training for global communication (created and developed by Dr. Carol Archer), providing a process, change mechanism, continuous improvement and consultation to corporations, higher education institutions, military, health care, government agencies, non-profits and school districts locally, nationally and internationally. Culture Bump trainings are designed to meet the multi-level needs of members of any organization including CEO’s, managers, supervisors, administrators, academic faculty, staff, teachers, student leaders and employees. Please contact Dr. Stacey Nickson, Cultural Insight Program coordinator, for information on Culture Bump seminars, workshops or customized trainings at



The Culture Bump Approach© to dealing with differences (gender, socio-economic, religion, ethnicity, age, race, language etc.) teaches individuals to use any difference they may encounter as a way to connect. The approach teaches awareness of oneself and others as well as development of specific skills needed to transform differences or “culture bumps” into knowledge and relationship.

The Culture Bump Approach© allows an individual to view cultural differences, not as problems to be solved, but as opportunities to learn more about oneself and others by using a series of steps designed to guide individuals through a particular process that relieves the sense of separateness. The focus of Culture Bump training is not to solve and eliminate a bump but to reveal new insights into one’s own character or culture. Culture Bump theory assumes that culture bumps are never eliminated since one’s own culture is never eliminated.

With this approach, prejudice and ethnocentric “blind spots” are not eliminated but are identified, acknowledged and become a part of the process itself. They are a necessary element for diverse individuals to truly connect with one another, understanding another’s world view as an extension of your own perspective.



The Culture Bump Approach© client list includes corporations, colleges and universities, medical institutions, schools, non-profits and governmental agencies. Corporate clients have included AT & T, Pecten/Shell Oil, Halliburton, World Trade Association, Exxon, KBR, AECOM Technology Corporation, Lanxess, Deloitte, Chevron, NASA, DOW Chemical, George Renwick and Associates. Dr. Carol Archer has worked in Algeria and provided overseas trainings and executive briefings for Brazil, Cameroon, Syria, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Australia, Saudi Arabia China and Indonesia.


Carol Archer and Stacey Nickson, Culture Bump presenters


Please download the Culture Bump brochure or visit the Culture Bump website for more information about this important program.


Culture Bump Trainings

The Cultural Insight Program is multi-tiered, designed to leverage the differences inherent within an organization. Several workshop models, based on Culture Bump Approach© to differences, offer participants the opportunity to gain varying skill levels:

  • Half-Day Workshop
  • One-Day Seminar
  • Three-Day Seminar
  • Train the Trainer Certification*

Trainings create a core group of individuals, within an institution, fully cognizant of the Culture Bump Approach©, able to communicate with a new, shared language. In addition, Train the Trainer provides support as an organization creates their own customized Toolkit for Culture and Communication.



Dr. Nickson meets with King Saud Institute Culture Bump participants



Culture Bump training models include:                               Cost:

Half-Day Workshop                                                                     $ 99

  • Introduction to Culture Bump Approach©
One-Day Seminar                                                                        $ 179
  • Culture Bump Approach© foundational training
  • Introduction to Toolkit for Culture and Communication

Three-Day Seminar                                                                     $ 459

  • One-day Culture Bump Approach© foundational training
  • One-day of follow-up support
  • One-day Toolkit for Culture and Communication
Train the Trainer Certification                                                   $ 995 -
  • Culture Bump Approach© four-day foundational training
  • One-day Toolkit for Culture and Communication
  • On-line support
    • Development of the customized Toolkit
    • Institutional implementation
    • Ongoing organizational adjustments
*Completion of Train the Trainer Certification establishes a participant as an in-house trainer for their organization


Discussing Cultural Insight Program issues with Arthur Primas at his ethnic art collection premier



Goals and Outcomes for Participant Impact

The seminars are intended to immerse participants in Culture Bump theory and methodology so it may be utilized in their institutional. They should be able to develop and practice specific cultural and communication competencies including:


  • The ability to manage emotional responses to cultural differences and life changes and to share with others how to do the same
  • The ability to recognize and adapt to specific cultural behaviors such as communication styles, spatial and time orientations as they relate to the workplace
  • The ability to self-reflect on one’s own expectations in behaviors and values and to recognize others’ expectations and values and understand their impact on the work environment and associated experiences
  • The ability to use cultural differences to create and maintain exceptional experiences for co-workers, colleagues, employees and clients



Lecturing Auburn MBA students at Apartheid Museum – Johannesburg, South Africa


Goals and Outcomes for Institutional Impact

  • Changes in institutional culture and ethos
  • Development of specific cultural communication skills
  • Development of a common, shared language for talking about differences
  • Enhanced understanding of the “deep structure” of human culture
  • Increased capacity for difference evidenced by achievement of targeted changes