Confidentiality Statement


The Biggio Center’s mission is to engage, support, and empower Auburn University’s academic community in each phase of the scholarly teaching and transformative learning process. As part of that mission, the Biggio Center provides a range of services – workshops, classroom observation and instructional feedback, teaching and learning consultations, and more. These services are designed to provide faculty with opportunities for reflection, inquiry, and growth in teaching and learning.

We strive to provide faculty with a safe space for formative discussion on your teaching, students, course work, and instructional materials. In order to fulfill these goals, it is the policy of the Biggio Center that all services are confidential and that participation is optional. We are committed to the following policies:

  • The Biggio Center will review teaching materials and feedback (course evaluations, student evaluations, recorded lectures) only upon the request of the faculty member.
  • The Biggio Center will provide feedback or observation results only to the requesting faculty member.
  • Sharing Biggio Center feedback with colleagues is left fully at the discretion of the requesting faculty member.
  • Feedback collected or given by the Biggio Center is intended to be formative only and thus should not be used in the review, promotion, tenure, or faculty appointment process.
  • The Biggio Center may ask for written permission from a faculty member to share an excerpt or other material for the purposes of highlighting a teaching issue or developing educational materials.
  • The Biggio Center reports its data in aggregate form only. This data includes total number of attendees at workshops, number of participations in classroom observations, number of faculty consultations, and attendance at other events. No personally identifying information is shared as part of these reports.

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding faculty confidentiality with Dr. Wiebke Kuhn, Associate Director, at

Last modified: June 25, 2019