Propose an Online Course


If you are a faculty member and wish to propose a new distance learning course or transition a face-to-face course over to a distance learning course, you will need to work with the University Curriculum Committee for official approval of your course proposal. This is a lengthy process and should begin as long before you plan to start teaching the new course as possible.

The Biggio Center team can help you design an effective course proposal before you submit it to the committee. If you have a course proposal ready to be reviewed by our team or you have questions before beginning the process, please submit a request to our instructional designer using the form at the bottom of the page.


Course Proposal Process

1. Determine if a course you want to teach is viable for distance learning delivery. Think about what obstacles there may be with this style of class and how you can best accommodate students. We can help you ask the right questions to decide if going forward with a proposal at this time is the right choice for you.

2. Visit the University Curriculum Committee online to read specific instructions and to download the form to propose a new course.

3. Complete the form to propose a new course and to our Instructional Designer for review. We will contact you for a consultation regarding your proposal and provide feedback so that your course has a better chance of getting approved once submitted.

4. Once your course proposal is polished and complete, you will then need to obtain the proper signatures and submit an electronic and hard copy to the University Curriculum Committee.


Tips for Writing Effective Course Proposals

If you’d like the Biggio Center team to help with your proposal, adhere to the following tips when creating your proposal draft before submitting it to us for review.

1. Specify your course objectives and how the proposed distance learning course will meet those objectives.

2. Indicate which assignments in particular need to be translated to a distance learning platform. Provide as much detail as possible about these assignments.

3. Include any grading rubrics for any assignments you wish to be moved to distance learning delivery.

4. Indicate which forms of technology you plan to incorporate into your new course. Let us know if you need help determining which ones are best for your course.


Course Proposal Form

The proposed course is: *
Please explain the specific help you need as we review your course proposal.
Maximum upload size: 20MB
Please upload your course proposal draft. The form can be found on the University Curriculum Committee's website, which is accessible through our page about proposing distance learning courses. If you need our help before you create a draft, please explain that in the Specific Instructions section of this form.


Last modified: September 13, 2017