Schedule an Exam in the Biggin Testing Center

 Auburn University faculty: Please read the following information before scheduling an exam.

Online scheduling is unavailable at this time. To schedule your exam, please contact Testing Services at 334-844-3151 or via email at


Scheduling Exams

  • Faculty can begin scheduling an exam mid-semester to the start of the next semester. The deadline to schedule an exam is the day classes begin.
  • After the request has been completed and submitted, a verification of receipt will be returned. No exam dates and times are official until you receive a confirmation from the Biggio Center.
  • You or someone you designate (your GTA’s, for example) must be present to proctor the exam. The Biggio Center can provide proctors if you are unable to find someone, but we may not be able to accommodate your requested day and time.
  • In the event that the Biggio Center provides a proctor, he/she will be need to be added to the course’s Canvas site as a TA in order to properly administer the test. The Biggio Center will not make changes to the content of any exam or documents.
  • The exam must be set up in an approved testing system (Canvas, for example), specifying the test dates, times, and password. For security purposes, it is highly recommended that your password be changed with each exam.

Tips for Effective Online Exams

  • The exam should be set to force completion.
  • A pool of questions should be used.
  • The questions and/or responses should be randomized or there should be a different version of the exam for each day.
  • If assistance is needed with test set-up, please contact IMG (Instructional Media Group).
  • Course faculty will handle disputes concerning students with complaints about test content, scores, testing policies, testing in the Biggin Testing Center, students who missed the testing window, and students requiring test make-ups or special testing conditions.
  • If you choose to use a Biggio Center proctor, a time limit must be set for the exam (2 hours, for example), as proctors cannot time individual examinees.

Software Specific Issues

  • Any need for software installation must be discussed with the Biggio Center no later than two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  • Software needs must be compatible for use with Windows XP/7 running as a Virtual Machine.

General Procedures

  • Please submit electronic copies (pdf) of¬† exams in case there is a technical glitch. You can email these to Include your course name, number, section, and approved day and time of testing.
  • Students should only come to the Biggin Testing Center during the day and time your class was approved for use. If the Biggio Center is proctoring your exam, students arriving 15 minutes late will need to reschedule for another time slot, if one is available. Please notify students if a makeup exam for missing a scheduled time slot is permitted.
  • Please advise students to adhere to the Biggin Testing Center rules, regulations, and guidelines that are posted in the testing room.
  • Faculty must handle any cases of cheating. If a student is suspected, the proctor or testing center staff will collect any evidence, complete an incident report and submit to faculty. The proctor will allow the student to complete the exaam
  • Inform students beforehand what materials, if any, may be brought into the Biggin Testing Center (i.e., notes, texts, calculator, scratch paper, headphones). If a Biggio Center staff member is proctoring your exam, please include this information in your request.
  • If someone from the Biggio Center is proctoring your exam, please tell students to bring their valid AU ID to the testing room.

Sign-in Procedures for your Students if using a Biggio Center proctor

  • Upon entering the Biggin Testing Center, students must check in with proctor and show their valid AU ID
  • Students must place all cell phones, electronics, food, drink, backpacks, and personal belongings in a cubby located near the proctor station.
  • Students must then proceed to assigned work station.

Accommodations for students with disabilities

Any student who requests accommodations to an exam procedure must make the request through the Program for Student with Office of Accessibility. That office will contact you and work with you (and the Biggin Testing Center) to provide the necessary accommodations. The Testing Center can accommodate students requiring wheelchair access, height adjustable stations, quiet environments, and extra time. All other accommodations will be offered through the Office of Accessibility.