2013 Symposium

Auburn University’s Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


The 2013 Symposium:

“Global Perspectives on College and University Teaching”


Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center

April 7-9, 2013

Auburn, Alabama


The Auburn University Symposium:

 Global Perspectives on College and University Teaching

April 7-9, 2013


The Symposium will provide a forum to discuss innovations, challenges, and future directions of college and university higher education. The Symposium will offer a series of sessions and social activities providing participants opportunities to share, learn, and network with other teachers, students, scholars, and academic leaders from around the world.

Rationale[1]: What we call college and university teaching exists in myriad multidimensional forms throughout the world. Colleges and uni­versities throughout the world have the same raisons d’être: To educate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to be productive members of their respective societies, to be competitive in today’s global job market, and to become lifelong learners.

As the world “gets smaller,” there is a critical growing need to pay attention to higher education at the cross-cultural, cross-national level. The globalization of higher education has created universities where national boundaries are irrelevant and where the movement of students, teachers, ideas, and instructional methods cross physical, cultural, and pedagogical barriers. And, as a result, globalization has far-reaching consequences that call for increased awareness and modification of teaching and learning practices.

The very notion of what it means to be an educated person is changing, in that students must be exposed to and engaged with ideas, behaviors, cultures, and people that tran­scend physical spaces. Faculty members must also be exposed to the ideas and educational transformations occurring around the world so that they are better equipped to translate and transfer this knowledge to their students. Globalization of higher education represents a new kind of free trade, free trade in minds that should be embraced, even nurtured (Wildavsky, 2010). Globalization is not a zero-sum game in which one country wins and another loses because the increase of knowledge of any student regardless of nationality benefits all.

Participants: The Symposium will be an international meeting for college and university teachers, graduate students, faculty developers, and academic leaders.

Format: The Symposium will occur over three days (April 7-9, 2013) and include a combination of workshops, plenaries, panel presentations, concurrent and poster sessions, and roundtable discussions. Ben Wildavsky, author of The Great Brain Race, will be the plenary speaker. A number of presidents/rectors of international universities will participate in panel and follow-up breakout discussions on current and future higher education issues in their home institution and nation and meet with Symposium participants.

Organizers: The Symposium is organized and supported by Auburn University’s Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, the Office of International Programs, and the Office of the Vice President of University Outreach.

[1] Based on the Preface in Groccia, J. E, Alsudairi, M. A. T.,  & Buskist, W. (2012). Handbook of college and university teaching: A global perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications


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