Teaching Feedback

Teaching Feedback Services

We provide two kinds of services: Course Observations conducted by a Biggio Center representative with teaching experience at Auburn, and Student Feedback Gathering in the form of focus groups and online surveys. Please fill out the request form and a Biggio Center representative will reach out to you.

Course Observation: We will do a pre- and post- consultation to ensure our observation is aligned with your needs. We perform observations anytime during the semester. Can be done face to face or via Zoom.

Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF): We recommend doing SGIF early in the semester, ideally around Midterm. Can be done face to face or via Zoom.

Student Survey: This option is generally recommended for larger enrollment courses or when the instructor cannot use class time for feedback services.

As with all of our consultations and feedback services, Biggio services are protected by our confidentiality policy. We will never share information about your teaching or your students’ feedback with anyone for any reason. Our goal is to provide you with formative feedback that can help you improve your course. We provide a letter or documentation for your Tenure and/or Promotion file.

Request Teaching Feedback

Request a Teaching Feedback Service

If you encounter any technical difficulties with this form, please email your feedback request information to lmd@auburn.edu.


Last modified: February 9, 2022