Media Services

In order to support the application of technology in teaching and learning, the Biggio Center provides certain Media Services including videography, photography and editing. Biggio Center Media Services can provide faculty and staff with a variety of technology resources, ranging from simple audio recordings to more complex video compilations.


Media Services Available

  • Recording Guest Lectures and Seminars
  • Recording Lab Scenarios
  • Photography for documentation
  • Assistance with media-related questions
  • Conversion of older video material (VHS, MiniDV, etc.)
  • Video Editing

Other Media Services will be considered upon request

Approximately 4 hours of finished video (or audio) product are available to any member of Auburn University’s Faculty and Staff per course, per semester at no cost. Web and technology services initial consultations are freely available, more extensive work will require a contract consultation. If you are in need of media services, please fill out the request form below.

Media services through the Biggio Center are available during normal university hours. Please allow 3 to 4 business days for processing and upload of video content following scheduled recordings.


Media Services Request Form