Auburn University New Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation: August 13, 2012

8:00-8:30 AM

8:30-8:45 AM

Registration | Breakfast (Ballroom A-Left)

Welcome | Introduction by Dr. James Groccia, Director of the Biggio Center

8:45-10:00 AM

(Ballroom A-Left)

Activity A-Icebreaker

Plenary Presentations:

Dr. Constance Relihan – Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies: “Improving the Student Experience in the Classroom”

Dr. Carl Pinkert – Associate Vice President of Research: “Helping Faculty Enhance Scholarship Opportunities”

Dr. Royrickers Cook – Assistant Vice President of University Outreach: “Outreach & Engagement at Auburn”

Activity B

10:00-10:30 AM

(Ballroom A-Left)

President Jay Gogue & Provost Timothy Boosinger

10:30-10:45 AM


10:45-11:30 AM

(Ballroom A-Left)

Plenary Presentations:

Dr. William Sauser – Chair, Faculty Senate: “How the Auburn Senate Works for You”

Dr. Herbert Jack Rotfeld – AAUP President, Auburn Chapter: “Advocacy & the American Association of University Professors”

Activity C

Dr. Overtoun Jenda – Associate Provost, Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs: “Promoting Academic & Social Integration”

Dr. James Wohl – University Ombudsperson: “Accessing Confidential Resources to Address Campus Related Concerns”

Activity D                                                                                                                                                                                         

11:30 AM

Lunch in the Terrace Room (New Faculty only)


12:00 -1:00 PM

(Ballroom A-Right)

Graduate Teaching Assistants Arrive 


Resource Fair & Dessert Bar: Exhibition Of Information & Useful Resources From Campus Units and Organizations

Including: AU Federal Credit Union, Auburn University Career Center, Cooperative Education, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Career & Academy Support, ESL Program, Office of Community Service, Instructional Media Group (IMG), Libraries, Outreach, Svc Learning, Procurement and Payment Services, Student Counseling Services, Office of Sustainability, Women’s Initiatives Programs, Writing Initiative, Student Affairs, etc.

1:00– 2:15 PM


Plenary Presentations:

Mr. Tracy Donald – Director, Office of Accessibility: “Providing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities”

Ms. Kelley Taylor – Director, Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity: “Equity Policies at Auburn”

Dr. Doug Hankes – Director, Student Counseling Services: “Accessing Counseling Services to Aid Students”

Dr. Emmett Winn – Associate Provost: “Academic Honesty Process”

Dr. Kathy McClelland – Manager, Instructional Multimedia Group (IMG)

Room ą

Seminar Room

Ballroom B – Left

Ballroom B – Right

Ballroom A-Left


2:20-3:00 PM

Alternatives to Lecture:

Interactive Online Learning


The purpose of this session is to introduce faculty & GTAs to interactive tools to enhance student engagement. Wikis, blogs, and other resources will be discussed.


Ms. Betsy Gilbertson & Ms. Teresa McCall


Alternatives to Lecture:

Large classes


Lecture is not the only means of engaging your students in a large class. In this session we shall discuss interactive engagement techniques that enable you to help students connect with class material in meaningful ways. Think-pair-share, collaborative group work and other techniques will be discussed.


Ms. Monica Baziotes &

Dr. Bill Buskist

Alternatives to Lecture:

Discussion & Small Classes


This session is for faculty and GTA who will be teaching small or discussion-based classes. We will discuss how to effectively lead discussions and alternatives to traditional discussion in small classes. There will be ample time to ask questions.


Ms. Lindsey Zanchettin, Ms. Anna Shepherd Jones, and Dr. Jared Russell

Alternative to Lecture:

Teaching Labs


Here we will discuss teaching in a laboratory setting. The session is geared specifically toward GTAs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and other applied sciences.


Ms. Maria Mays, Mr. Justin Havird, and Ms. Erica Snipes



3:10-3:50 PM

GTA 101


The purpose of this session is to introduce graduate teaching assistants to essential tools to successfully navigate their first week as a GTA. Topics included are: making the first day meaningful; expectations of a GTA; and first week classroom management strategies.


Ms. Lindsey Zanchettin, Mr. Kenneth Games and Ms. Teresa McCall

Writing Center and Writing Initiative


In 2010 Auburn University launched a university-wide initiative designed to enhance the culture of writing and writing instruction. This session outlines the reasons for this initiative, explains the approach being used at Auburn to improve student writing in every major, and highlights the resources available to faculty and students through the Office of University Writing and the Miller Writing Center.


Dr. Margaret Marshall

Trouble in the Classroom (disruptive behavior, plagiarism, etc.)


Sometimes things do not go as smoothly in the classroom as desired. Students may demonstrate disturbing or disruptive behavior. Having an idea of how to handle various situations will help all instructors in their teaching.


Ms. Maria Mays, Ms. Carrie Zuckerman, and Ms. Elizabeth Hancock

Teaching in the U.S. Classroom


In the session we will discuss classroom issues specific to the U.S., including interactions between students and instructors as well as student behavior, expectations, and preparedness. This session will be very valuable for those instructors new to Alabama.


Ms. Mary Diamond




4:00-4:40 PM

GTA 102: Beyond the First Week


In this session graduate teaching assistants will learn the typical responsibilities of a GTA at Auburn University. Topics to be covered include: classroom management; assessments and student records; and being in charge of your own class.


Ms. Monica Baziotes, Ms. Carrie Zuckerman, and Mr. Kenneth Games

Technology in the Classroom


Helping your students assess their understanding of class content while you gauge the effectiveness of your teaching can be rewarding and efficiently accomplished through the use of clickers. Other classroom technologies like the document camera and iPads can add innovative dimensions to your teaching. Come learn how Auburn faculty can use these tools.


Dr. S. Raj Chaudhury

Dr. Susan Bannon


Working with Specific Student Populations; Students with Disabilities and Student-Athletes (disabilities, athletes)


As an instructor you will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of students. Understanding the needs of students may assist you in providing a stimulating learning environment, benefitting the student as an individual and learning experiences for the class as a whole.


Ms. Elizabeth Hancock & Ms. Maria Mays

International Student Panel


A pure Question & Answer session featuring a panel of current international GTAs. Ask any questions from “How do I get to Wal-Mart?” to “How do American students act in the classroom?”


Ms. Erica Snipes & Mr. Suraj Sindia

Limin Gong & Burcu Oz


FOR NEW FACULTY ONLY: Reception at President Gogue’s residence, Tues., Aug. 14th, 6-8 p.m. (Invitation)