How to Create a “Working Folder” in Panopto


Today we are going to discuss how to create a Panopto “Working Folder” within your Canvas course. This is a feature that allows you as the instructor to have a convenient location to store and edit videos. This “Working Folder” could be a place to edit or review your videos before showing them to students, to act as a video “repository”, or to share with co-teachers but not students.

Begin by entering your Canvas course, and accessing your Panopto Recordings, located within the left-hand navigation bar.

choose the Panopto Recordings option from the Canvas course navigation menu


Once you have clicked Panopto Recordings, look near the top of the page for the “Add Folder” button, and click it. Type a name for the folder and hit Enter on your keyboard.
Note: You may name the folder anything you choose, we are using “Working Folder” for the purposes of this guide.

Name your fold, for the purposes of this guide we will use Working Folder but you may choose any name


Once created, click on the new Working Folder to enter.
From here, navigate to the top right and click the “People” icon to access the shared settings.

Choose the People icon to access the shared settings


On the “Shared” tab, you will be able to change the permissions of the folder.
Click the drop-down arrow under “Who has access”, then from the available options select “Specific People”.

Using sharing permissions you can control who has access to the folder


Click the “X” next to the “Can View” group to remove student access

Hit the X to remove permissions


Make sure to click “Save changes” at the bottom before exiting.

Be sure to save your changes before exiting using the Save button


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Last modified: August 23, 2017