Instructional Feedback

Our two Instructional Feedback services for Auburn faculty and graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) have concluded for Fall 2015. Please see the information below on how to indicate your availability for either the Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) program and/or the BigMid (electronic SGIF) program.

What is Instructional Feedback?

Instructional feedback is a service we provide that enables you, the teacher, to receive immediate feedback from your students before the end of the semester. The short term benefits are that you can make changes and alterations to your course(s) while your students are still enrolled. In other words, your current students can reap the benefits of this service. The long term benefits are that you can look ahead to future courses and determine which classroom methods and practices need tweaking and improving. Your future students will also benefit from this service. Additionally, if educators are made aware of what is working and what isn’t working in their classrooms, they become better at what they do. In turn, this often results in more fruitful relationships with students and overall, a more fulfilling role as a teacher in a college and university setting.


BigMid Electronic Feedback

If you prefer to have your students submit feedback online, then the BigMid Electronic Feedback will be the best option for you. The Biggio Center team will create a unique URL in Qualtrics for your students to visit in order to provide suggestions and comments about your course(s) so far in the semester. We conduct BigMid Electronic Feedback each mid semester. At the conclusion of the time frame for feedback, we will compile the information your students submitted and send it to you. This service provides the same benefits as Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF), but is a bit more hands-off and does not take time away from your course meetings.

If you are Auburn faculty, please visit in January 2016 to sign up for the Spring 2016 BigMid (electronic SGIF) program.


Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF)

If you prefer a more comprehensive, face-to-face consultation, then Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) might be for you. At mid semester, upon request, a Biggio Center consultant will visit your class and solicit feedback from your students. You will leave the classroom for approximately 30 minutes so that the consultant can have a discussion with your students. Students can anonymously reflect upon which aspects of your teaching have been most beneficial to them as well as provide suggestions and comments that may help facilitate any needed changes that are either course specific or helpful in improving your overall teaching style. Once this in class session is over, the consultant will assemble all of the information and feedback obtained at the session and construct a report that summarizes these findings. The consultant will meet one on one with you to discuss this report. This meeting will take place in our office and is completely confidential.

Here are some examples of the forms used to gather information – SGIF Sample Flyer and SGIF Sample Form. Using these forms, the consultant will solicit feedback from students, and aggregate this feedback into a report.

If you are Auburn faculty, please visit in January 2016 to sign up for the Spring 2016 SGIF program.


Fall 2015 SGIF / BigMid Schedule for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)

If you are a GTA at Auburn, please visit in January 2016 to sign up for the Spring 2016 SGIF and/or BigMid (electronic SGIF) programs.