New Lockdown Browser Integration

The Lockdown Browser’s integration with Canvas has been updated to provide more functionality and security.

New Features

  • LockDown Browser iPad app: A free app that lets students use LockDown Browser on an iPad
  • “Early exit”: This feature permits students to exit a quiz early for emergency situations; a student submits a reason for the early exit, which is then reported to the instructor
  • Respondus Monitor: This is a companion application for LockDown Browser that uses a student’s webcam to record the assessment session. Note: This feature is currently being funded by Biggio Center.

More Support


Enabling the Lockdown Browser

The previous method of checking the Lockdown Browser is no longer available.

In the new integration, Lockdown Browser is no longer enabled in Quiz Settings.

To enable the Lockdown Browser, (1) click “Settings” within your course then the (2) navigation tab at the top. Find (3) Lockdown Browser listed in the disabled menu and turn on the tool by clicking the three dots then “+ Enable.” (4) Save when finished.

Integrating the Lockdown Browser from the Settings - Navigation tab

Configuring the Lockdown Browser

Once you’ve enable the Lockdown Browser, (1) click it once in the navigation and (2) authorize using your Auburn/Canvas credentials.

Signing in to Lockdown Browser using your Auburn Canvas credentials

The Lockdown Browser comes with tips and tricks for both teachers and students.

Lockdown browser provides tips and tricks

To enable the Lockdown Browser for an exam, click the dropdown arrow next to the quiz and click “Settings.”

Choose the Quiz dropdown arrow and choose settings

Then click the options for your quiz and click “Require the Respondus Lockdown Browser for this exam.” The access code is optional.

adjusting the Quiz settings in Lockdown Browser