Teaching Consultation

The team at the Biggio Center provides a variety of services to assist faculty, staff and instructors at Auburn University. To learn more about the services available, please see the brief descriptions below. To request a service, simply complete the form at the bottom of the page.


Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF)

If you prefer a more comprehensive, face-to-face consultation, then Small Group Instructional Feedback (SGIF) might be for you. At mid semester, upon request, a Biggio Center consultant will visit your class and solicit feedback from your students. You will leave the classroom for approximately 30 minutes so that the consultant can have a discussion with your students. Students can anonymously reflect upon which aspects of your teaching have been most beneficial to them as well as provide suggestions and comments that may help facilitate any needed changes that are either course specific or helpful in improving your overall teaching style. Once this in class session is over, the consultant will assemble all of the information and feedback obtained at the session and construct a report that summarizes these findings. The consultant will meet one on one with you to discuss this report. This meeting will take place in our office and is completely confidential.

Another option is electronic feedback, called BigMid, which is suggested for large classes or those with multiple course sections.


Instructional Design

The Biggio Center team can help with any facet of instructional design. Whether you need guidance in planning a new course, improving an old course, specific classroom techniques (using iClickers in the classroom for example) or preparing a proposal for extramural funding, we are here to help.

For specific needs involving distance learning and implementing technology in the classroom, our instructional designer, Betsy Gilbertson, can help. She has helped faculty members create online courses and trained them to incorporate technology such as Canvas into their classrooms. She can meet with you for an individual consultation or visit a department to give a presentation. Please submit a request form if you think Betsy can help you.


Classroom Observation

We are happy to come and observe your classroom upon request. Unless specifically noted, a Biggio Center consultant will take note of class meeting organization, teaching techniques, interaction between teacher and student, and student and teacher behavior. The consultant will then write up a report of what was observed and meet with you privately and confidentially at some point following the observation.

A classroom observation is particularly useful for new teachers, but is also beneficial to those who have taught for years. As educators, we can always improve our teaching methodologies and practices.


Peer Review Consultation

Peer review is a useful process that many academic departments engage in on college and university campuses nation and world wide. It involves teachers within the same program observing each other teaching and then providing constructive feedback and suggestions based on what they observed in the classroom. Peer review is mandated by the Board of Trustees. The Biggio Center team is equipped to help any department on campus set up a peer review process that is tailored to a specific field of study.


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