Additional Resources

Effective Evaluation of Teaching: A Guide for Faculty and Administrators

edited by Mary E. Kite

This ebook guide can be downloaded for free. It includes chapters by various people at different higher education institutions across the nation. Some of the topics covered include: conducting research of student evaluations, using student evaluations effectively, bias in student evaluations, and online student evaluations.


Intercultural Learning Teaching Tips – Purdue University


Teaching Centers Across the Nation

Below are links to the websites of various teaching centers at institutions of higher education across the nation. Click on the name of the university to access their teaching center website.

Arizona State University

Brown University

Carnegie Mellon

Dartmouth College

Duke University

Georgetown University

Kennesaw State University

The University of British Columbia

Vanderbilt University

Western Kentucky University


Publications about Teaching

Below are links to databases and websites with access to publications about teaching. You can also search the AU Library website to find more publications.

POD Publications

the IDEA Center

Inside Higher Ed