Peer Review

What is Peer Review?

Peer review is a useful process that many academic departments engage in on college and university campuses nation and world wide. It involves teachers within the same program observing each other teaching and then providing constructive feedback and suggestions based on what they observed in the classroom. Peer review is mandated by the Board of Trustees.


How it Works

Each department implements a peer review plan in which each member is evaluated by his/her peer(s). Some options for conducting this review include:

1. Evaluation of the faculty member’s syllabi, tests, handouts, and other materials used in class. 

2. Evaluation of the faculty member’s preparation of students for subsequent courses in the field. 

3. Evaluation of the faculty member’s work in a team teaching situation by his or her partner. 

4. Comparison of the faculty member’s work with that of others teaching the same course. 

5. Observation of the faculty member’s classes. 

6. Evaluation of a portfolio developed by the faculty member in which he or she presents him or herself as a teacher.

For more details about the peer review process, read Dr. Groccia’s handout.


How We Can Help

The Biggio Center team is equipped to help any department on campus set up a peer review process that is tailored to a specific field of study. To request a consultation about peer review in your department, please submit a request form.


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