Teaching Staff

Diane E. Boyd

Dr. Diane Boyd is the Director of the Biggio Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.

Her most recent publications and international presentations focus on course re-design for significant learning, amplifying learner motivation, and Threshold Concepts in teaching and learning. Prior to returning to the Plains Dr. Boyd was a founding member of the Center for Teaching and Engaged Learning at Furman University and the founding director for the Teaching, Leadership, and Technology Center at Louisiana-State University-Shreveport. Dr. Boyd’s expertise in active learning, interdisciplinary teaching, and leadership development help guide the Biggio team to deliver innovative teaching and learning support for faculty and graduate students in alignment with Auburn’s instructional mission.

For specific questions related to teaching and learning pedagogy, please contact Diane at deb0020@auburn.edu.


Lindsay Doukopoulos

Dr. Lindsay Doukopoulos, Assistant Director

Dr. Doukopoulos taught at the college level for 10 years before her work as a faculty developer.
Her Scholarship of Teaching and Learning publications and presentations focus on leveraging mobile technology to facilitate team and culture based learning, gamification, and team-tech projects that facilitate information literacy. Her teaching expertise includes experiential, active, and team-based learning in small and large lecture formats and inclusive teaching practices and learning through diversity. Her research interests include instructional technologies and the used of digital artifacts of learning (badging, ePortfolios) to enhance integrated learning and reflective practice for students and faculty.

For Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) questions and consultation requests, please contact Lindsay at lmw0028@auburn.edu.


Allen Furr

Dr. Allen Furr, Faculty Fellow for Transformational Leadership & Professor

Dr. Furr brings more than 12 years of experience as a departmental leader, serving as the chair of the Department of Sociology at the University of Louisville and the chair of the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work at Auburn University. He provides ongoing support to department leaders by enhancing faculty development opportunities and engaging Auburn’s academic leaders in a constructive dialogue designed to support best practices relative to the institution’s strategic initiatives. His leadership development expertise includes an article on leadership issues forthcoming in The Department Chair and presentations at national conferences on academic management.

For departmental leadership support and leadership chair workshop information, please contact Allen at laf0014@auburn.edu.


Wiebke Kuhn

Dr. Wiebke Kuhn, Learning Spaces and Faculty Development Coordinator

Dr. Kuhn taught at a college level for 10 years and provided departmental IT management before her work as a faculty developer. She oversees the new Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library and evaluates formal and informal learning spaces across campus. In addition to her classroom design work, she helps faculty think through teaching and student learning for the Engaged Active Student Learning (EASL) spaces that she manages.

For Mell Classroom Building @ RBD Library or EASL questions, please contact Wiebke at kuhnwi1@auburn.edu.


Betsy Gilbertson

Betsy Gilbertson, Instructional Designer

Betsy works with faculty to incorporate active and engaged learning into online classes, transition traditional classes to the online space, and provides one-on-one consultation sessions for faculty and GTAs related to online course design.

For questions related to online course design, please contact Betsy at bmg0017@auburn.edu.


Killian Perry

Killian Perry, Office Coordinator

Killian provides a wide variety of administrative support to the Biggio Center’s diverse units and is responsible for office and project support duties and tasks.

For office administration, compensation, or grant questions, please contact Killian at tlk0024@auburn.edu.


Marisa Rodriguez

Marisa Rodriguez, Communications and Marketing Specialist

Marisa creates communications, marketing, and promotional materials to represent the Biggio Center’s diverse units to the Auburn University campus as well as manages internal communications for the Biggio Center team.

For Biggio Center programs/events questions and requests, or communication and collaboration inquiries, please contact Marisa at
marisa@auburn.edu or biggio1@auburn.edu.


Mallory Porch

Mallory Porch, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Mallory works with the Assistant Director to teach Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) and conduct teaching consultations.

For Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) and consultation requests, please contact Mallory at map0030@auburn.edu.


Sterling Waits

Sterling Waits, Graphic Design Student Employee

Sterling works with the Communications and Marketing Specialist to create print and digital media components to support the marketing and communication efforts.


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