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What Type of Faculty Exams Do We Proctor?

Biggio Center Testing Services administer the following online/computer-based tests:

  • Make-up test for individual students who missed taking the test in class
  • Regular online/computer-based class test (by appointment only)
  • Accommodated tests for students with extended time
  • We do not administer paper-based exams

Note: Biggio Testing Services will not collect homework or give out assignments. We also will not review students’ allowable notes brought into the test for inappropriate material. All printed material allowed and required for use by the student on day of the exam must be printed prior to student’s arrival. No printing allowed with exception of faculty-led exams.


How to Schedule an Exam with Biggio Center Testing Services

Contact the office via email or via phone (334) 844-3110 two weeks in advance that you intend to utilize our services. You will submit your exam and proctoring instructions to the Testing Center via SmarterProctoring, our Test Management Service.

SmarterProctoring is primarily used by Biggio Center Testing Services for scheduling purposes only. It integrates with Canvas to streamline your scheduling process. Exam should be scheduled within a 48-hour window.


Integrating with SmarterProctoring

Help Guide: How to Integrate SmarterProctoring with Canvas


Integrate SmarterProctoring

  1. Activate SmarterProctoring within your course.
  2. Click SmarterProctoring in the left navigation panel and follow the instructions to setup your course.
  3. Click “Add Exam” from the course. Complete the “Add Exam” form inside of SmarterProctoring. Ensure all information has been added to the form. If setting up an exam that has been published in Canvas, you should see it listed in the drop down menu at the top of the form.
  4. Instruct your students to go to SmarterProctoring within their course in Canvas and schedule with AUburn Testing services or one of the other options you have made available. (Note: Please see important information below on selecting proctor types for students)

Need help with SmarterProctoring? Please contact Breanna Geer via email at or phone (334) 844-3110


Selecting Proctor Types in SmarterProctoring

If you want to ensure students use only the Testing Center, under the Proctor Types, please select “Institution Testing Centers.” Do not select anything under “other options.”

In selecting other options, you give permission for students to select any proctor that is available in their locale. However, you can select other options if you have students away from campus (i.e. Auburn Abroad, Intern, Distance Education) and you agree to their test being taken away from campus.

Remember, other options may charge a proctoring fee which is the responsibility of the student. Departments may choose the option to pre-pay proctoring fees, if so desired.


How to Schedule a Faculty-Led Exam

To request use of Biggio Testing Services Computer-based lab for a faculty-led exams, please complete the form on the Schedule Request Page. You will receive an email confirmation once your requested date & time has been approved.

Usage request for the Biggin Testing Center Lab will be accepted starting mid-semester of the prior semester until the first day of classes. After this deadline, faculty can still request the Biggio Testing Center, but availability may be limited.

A 48-hour scheduling window is requested for usage of Biggin. The Testing Center cannot ensure availability if not made within the time indicated.


Online Proctoring Services

Third-party proctoring is provided by outside vendors on a fee basis paid directly to that vendor. Third-party proctors are not a Biggio Center or Auburn University service. By default, third-party vendors are paid by the student taking the exam. Your department may choose the option to pre-pay proctoring fees.

Prior to a student being able to take their exam with a third-party proctor, that exam must be setup with the proctor by the instructor. Third-party proctoring does not require Canvas, while some proctors do have the option of integrating with your Canvas course, exams may be setup directly with the proctoring service.

ProctorU is an online proctoring service that Auburn University faculty can use to administer exams to students. Students can take their exams on any computer with a webcam and reliable high-speed internet.

Examity is now available for remote test proctoring and integrates with Canvas. Examity provides flexibility in selecting the appropriate level of test-security, ADA-compliant testing and fully transparent exam tracking.

SmarterProctoring is also available for use within Canvas. SmarterProctoring allows students to schedule their exam through either Auburn University Testing Services, approved online proctoring services or approved proctors at other locations from within Canvas.

Auburn University offers a number of on-campus resources for you to explore: Supplemental Instruction



I have a large section(s) of students. Do you accommodate large classes?
We can accommodate 72 students in Biggin in a setting. Several students can be handled on an hour by hour exam and over a window of days. It’s highly recommended that students test earlier in the exam window since most students wait until the last day to complete their exam.

What is the ideal time window for scheduling an exam in Biggin?
We begin accepting appointments mid-semester prior to the upcoming semester to coincide with when faculty typically create their syllabus.

Who proctors and handles the exams?
Exams are administered by certified proctors of Biggio Center Testing Services.Faculty-led exams are proctored by the faculty member unless prior arrangements have been made with Testing Services. Our Testing Assistants monitor and proctor the exams in the testing room at all times. Irregularities and suspected cheating incidents are reported to the Testing Administrator and faculty member.

Do you have a problem with cheating in your facility? For example, are students sharing answers after leaving the exam?
It is impossible to tell what information students share with each other when they leave our facility. We advise you to choose to give different versions of your exams and/or have an essay section. This will help to limit the amount of information students can share.

Can I schedule all of my exams for the entire semester?
Yes. In fact, we highly recommend doing so. We can better plan our operational requirements, faculty can include testing windows in their syllabi and students are better informed so they can plan accordingly.

Do you grade exams or submit to Test Scoring Services?
No. We currently only administer exams with the faculty-information provided.

For additional Testing Center Rules, please see our full Policies and Procedures.

Last modified: August 15, 2017