Academic Testing: Faculty

Test Scheduling


We are pleased to announce our new test scheduling system, now available by visiting Auburn faculty, students and visitors will be able to use the system to choose exam times, schedule individual testing in the Biggio Testing Center or register for class exams in the Foy Hall Testing Center.

Faculty wishing to use the Biggio Testing Centers may schedule their exams online. Individual testing in Foy Hall and full-class exams in Biggin Hall can both be scheduled through the portal above. If you have any special testing materials or requests, please schedule your exam using the scheduling portal. You will receive an email once your exam time has been approved. Once your exam is approved, you may use the form below to upload your test materials.

Testing Materials Upload

This form is only for uploading testing materials after your exam has been scheduled and approved. If you have not already scheduled your exam, please visit to request an exam time.

Exam Materials Upload
Please do not submit additional testing materials until your exam time has been approved.


Class Testing in the Biggin Testing Center

The Biggin Testing Center, located in 238 Biggin Hall at 112 South College Street, can hold up to 70 students at a time for testing. There are privacy shields on each computer screen and partitions between rows for optimal testing conditions. Faculty and/or their GTA’s can proctor computer-based exams in the Biggin Testing Center by registering for a time slot through the portal at



Scheduling an Individual Exam in Biggio

Faculty can schedule Individual Exams for student at 116 Foy Hall. The request should be submitted online at A request must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to test administration.

We offer testing services to Auburn University faculty members who wish to have an exam administered to students on an individual basis. For these exams, students will come to our location on the 1st floor of Foy Hall. The faculty will need to specify:

  • The length of time for the test
  • The day(s) the tests can be administered
  • Indicate whether or not specific calculators, books, or notes may be used
  • Passwords
  • Any other special instructions for the test

Students should be given these instructions prior to coming to the Testing Center.


Online Tests:

  1. Faculty must provide their online passwords and testing instructions at least one week in advance.
  2. Please remember to extend the time limit for students whose ADA accommodations allow for extended time.
  3. Please specify whether the exam should be opened in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser.
  4. Please indicate whether the Respondus Lockdown browser will be used.


Setting up Third-Party Proctoring

Third-party proctoring is provided by outside vendors on a fee basis paid directly to that vendor. Third-party proctors are not a Biggio Center or Auburn University service. By default, third-party vendors are paid by the student taking the exam. Your department may choose the option to pre-pay proctoring fees.

Prior to a student being able to take their exam with a third-party proctor, that exam must be setup with the proctor by the instructor. Third-party proctoring does not require Canvas, while some proctors do have the option of integrating with your Canvas course, exams may be setup directly with the proctoring service.


ProctorU is an online proctoring service that AU faculty can use to administer exams to students. Students can take their exams on any computer with a webcam and reliable high speed internet. For more information about this service, please visit the ProctorU website and the information page the Biggio Center has created to help faculty and students use this service.


Examity is now available for remote test proctoring. Examity is integrated with Canvas and will be available beginning with the Summer 2015 semester. Examity provides flexibility in selecting the appropriate level of test-security, ADA-compliant testing, and fully transparent exam tracking.


SmarterProctoring is also available for use within Canvas. SmarterProctoring allows students to schedule their exam through either AU Testing Services, approved online proctoring services, or approved proctors at other locations from within Canvas. For more information, please view the SmarterProctoring informational PDF.