On October 11th there will be an AU event that will begin after Testing Services closes. Preparations for the event will begin early in the morning and will extend throughout the day. There will likely be an increase in the noise level outside near Biggin Hall. We will make every effort to ensure that noise distractions in our testing labs will be as minimal as possible. If you have concerns or questions regarding your testing session please feel free to call Testing Services at 344-844-3151.

Faculty Testimonials

"The Biggio Center Testing Services has an exceedingly helpful and friendly staff who will work with students and faculty to facilitate the best exam-taking experience possible. Using Testing Services has taken a great burden off me and my proctors because we know that the process of taking exams at Biggio will go smoothly and there is substantially less paperwork."

- Geology faculty

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Last modified: October 4, 2018