Auburn Students


How to Schedule an Exam

Auburn students should register for examination using Canvas. Login to Canvas Canvas using your Auburn student credentials, select the course for which you need to schedule an exam, on the left-hand side you will see a link entitled SmarterProctoring, click on SmarterProctoring, click on the tab at the top “Profile”, update your profile to include your local zip code, save and follow the instructions for selecting your proctor or the testing center. Then, choose your date and time for the test.

Please keep in mind:

  • No same day or walk-in appointments available.
  • National certification tests should be scheduled from the association or agency website.
  • Testing for other institutions must be arranged individually
  • If a professor has agreed to allow you to use an off-campus proctor, please note additional fees payable by the student may be applicable. Fees may vary by vendor.

Need help with exam scheduling? Please contact us via email or call (334) 844-3151.


How to Reschedule an Exam

To reschedule a student should log into Canvas; select SmarterProctoring; locate their scheduled exam, then click on the reschedule button.

Note: reschedules must be done within 24-hours of a scheduled appointment time. Excessive reschedules may result in an administrative fee. Examples of excessive rescheduling: 2-3 changes for the same course within a 5-day period.


Appointment Policies

  1. You will be unable to select appointments past the 24-hour minimum requirement. It is suggested that you schedule your appointments one to two days prior to your requested testing date.
  2. Appointments are made available online after the test is submitted to the Testing Center by your instructor. Contact your instructor if your test is not available.
  3. Appointments are scheduled according to each instructor’s specifications. Contact your instructor regarding any test specific questions (i.e., time limit, test deadline, allowed materials, etc.)


ID Requirement

A government or student issued ID is required to take a test. The test center does not accept Digital IDs. Upon request an additional form of identification may be requested. No test will be administered without proper identification


Rules of the Testing Center

  1. No food or drink
  2. Turn off cell phones and store in bag
  3. No hats
  4. No watches, Fitbit or bracelets on wrist

Prohibited Items

  1. No electronic devices including cell phones, digital watches, cameras, etc.
  2. No oversized coats, jackets, hats, hoods, headgear or outerwear
  3. No bags, backpacks, briefcases, purses or handbags
  4. No highlighters, pens or pencils
  5. No pamphlets, dictionaries or notes unless you receive prior approval from Professor
  6. No food, beverages, tobacco, alcohol or illicit drugs

For additional Testing Center Rules, please see our full Policies and Procedures.


What to Expect on Test Day

Upon arrival at the test center you will:

  1. Provide proof of ID and verify appointment in room 237
  2. Check-in via kiosk
  3. Proceed across the hall to room 238, Academic Testing
  4. See proctor to obtain second ID check, scratch paper, if applicable, seat assignment, log-in requirements and advice of where to store personal belongings
  5. Upon completion of test, return scratch paper to proctor, then check out across the hall, room 238.

Time Limit

Time limits vary depending on your instructor and the test you are taking.

Test Fee

There is no cost for an Auburn University class test.


Last modified: June 26, 2019