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Print Course Roster

To print your course roster from Canvas, we recommend exporting the gradebook to a CSV file first. Within Grades (1), click “Actions” (2) then “Export” (3).

export the gradebook from Canvas under the Gradebook Actions menu

Canvas will export the gradebook as a spreadsheet file you can open on your computer, customize, and print however you prefer. This export is a great way to save your grades as well as email your entire class through your default email client. Note: Column B ID is not the same as Banner ID.

the resulting CSV file column A contains the student names, column D contains the Auburn ID used as the email field


Message All Students

How to Message students in Canvas


Please note:

  • The course must be published before you can message students.
  • You will not receive a copy of your message in your Auburn email account unless you enable “Conversations Created By Me” in Notifications

Change Notification Settings

alter your notification settings to receive an email when you message through Canvas

To receive a copy of your sent messages in Canvas:

  1. Click on Account Profile on the top-left of Canvas
  2. On the pop-out menu, click on Notifications to load the settings page
  3. Scroll down to “Conversations” and click on the check mark next to “Conversations Created By Me”


Compose a Message

send messages through Canvas Communications directly to students in class

To send a message to your students:

  1. Click the Inbox icon on the top left menu
  2. Click the pencil icon to open the Compose Message window
  3. Choose your course from the drop down menu
  4. In the To field, select Students
  5. After typing your message, click the blue “Send” button

Once your message is sent, your students will receive a notification in Canvas as well as an email to their Auburn email address.


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Last modified: February 21, 2020