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April 2021: Sheng Dong won the top Graduate Poster Presentation award for the College of Engineering at the 2021 Auburn Research Student Symposium.

March 2021: Pengfei Yan and Sheng Dong won the student poster competition at the RemTEC 2021 conference.

August 2020: Two new students hired!
Spencer Cothran and Harry Vaslo join the lab as new graduate students.

August 2020: A New Grant from SERDP
The Cápiro lab receives a SERDP grant to: 1.) improve our fundamental understanding of the natural attenuation of chlorinated solvents in complex groundwater systems over long (i.e., > 30 years) time frames; 2.)identify conditions where transition from active to more passive remediation (i.e., monitored natural attenuation [MNA]) can be accelerated; and 3. develop predictive models and tools that can be used to support site transition decisions leading to more efficient and cost effective management of sites impacted by chlorinated solvents.

May 2020: Jason Hnatko, PhD won third-place in the 2020 Geosyntec Groundwater Student Paper Competition.

September 2019: New Postdoc joins the lab
Dr. Xiang Fu, recent Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University, joins the lab in a 1 year appointment as a postdoctoral fellow.

August 2018: New Graduate Students, Welcome!
Pengfei Yan and Sheng Dong join the Cápiro lab as first-year PhD students.

June 2018: Dr. Cápiro signs offer to start position at Auburn University in January 2019.