Happy Friday and War Eagle!

Happy Friday Auburn Family!

While you are are gearing up for the weekend, we here at the Auburn Circle are working hard on this semester’s issue and it’s going to be amazing!

Here’s some of our editors hard at work on last semester’s issue!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Love to Our Editors

We are almost there you guys!


It is Friday, and we have almost made it to the weekend! But while you guys are enjoying your day, our editors have begun one of the toughest parts of their jobs. And that’s, you guessed it, editing. So lets not forget to send some love to the Auburn Circle editors. We would literally, be nothing without you guys!

Written by: Keira Rich
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5 Tips for Midterms

With Midterms approaching, it’s important to remember these 5 things: 

  1. DO NOT get sick… Basically, avoid Haley Center and Parker Hall at all costs.
  2. Eat healthy (resist the Zaxby’s craving, it’ll be worth it).
  3. Procrastination is a sin, repeat that 10 times verbally and internally.
  4. Relax, take a deep breath. Find a soothing activity that alleviates your Midterm Madness (playing with any small animal is typically successful).
  5. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! Pulling an all-nighter is never the right choice. Never.

Keep these 5 tips in mind and you’re golden for any Midterm.

Happy studying!



Written by: Lexy Sedillo
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We Know It’s Cold…

But hang in there, we’re almost to the weekend!












Thursday can feel like the longest day of the week. There are longer classes, end-of-the-week deadlines are coming up, and Friday couldn’t feel farther away. But you’re only one day away from Friday and that means you’re one week closer to the end of the semester (which also means SNAPS)! So hang in there, and stay tuned, we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up.

Like us on Facebook and keep up-to-date with all of our latest news and announcements!

Auburn Circle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theauburncircle

Auburn Circle Twitter: @AuburnCircle



Written by: Natalie Robinette
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Happy Valentine’s Day…. Here’s a 2-Day Deadline Extension

Happy Valentine’s Day! Missed the submission deadline? We’re taking the weekend off, which means you can still send us your submissions until Monday at 7 a.m. Email us at auburncircle@hotmail.com. ’Cause we love you like Lizzie loves Darcy.

Valentines by Ben Kling.



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Something Is Due Today…

Submissions are due TODAY!

Calling all writers, photographers and artist! Happy Friday the 13th. Submissions are due today, exciting right?!

Don’t worry, even if you’re not 100% about your creative work, our editors will be willing to work with you if they like where your work is heading. So, you have no reason to not submit!

Our editors are waiting excitedly to see all of your submissions this evening!

First time you’re hearing of this? Click this link for details on how to submit.
Written by: Keira Rich
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You Aren’t Going to Want to Miss This…

Mondays will always be Mondays. But this Monday, we have something that may just make the week a little more bearable…


As most of you know, this is the last week to submit before the deadline THIS FRIDAY! So, we have awesome Auburn Circle mugs for the next five guys or gals who send in their submission to us at auburn.edu/circle/submissions.

Winners will be emailed and can collect their mugs in the Student Center in our office. Don’t wait! Submissions are coming in fast; don’t pass the opportunity to have your original work in our Spring 2015 Issue AND get a free coffee mug (or tea, if you’re into that).

This semester’s issue is going to be a good one. Don’t miss out.



Written by: Natalie Robinette
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Friday at The Circle!

Happy Friday!

In honour of Black History month, we would like to share some wisdom from the famous Gordon Parks.

Gordon Parks was the first African-American photographer for Vogue and Life magazines.

The best thing to remember while you are out there taking great photos is, in the words of Gordon Parks himself; “The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer.

Written by: Keira Rich
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Tip of the Week!

We hope you’re all having a great Sunday morning! To start your week off right, here is a little tip of the week:

Tip Of The Week

Great work doesn’t always mean more complex work.

Keep in mind, SUBMISSIONS are due by February 13th at 4:45 PM! To find out how, go to our site.

Written by: Keira Rich
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Meet Stone Phillips!

Everyone, meet Stone. Stone, meet everyone.


Here’s a preview of Stone and the conversation we had, if you want one: picture a sloth on Twitter, in outer space, listening to “With a Little Help From My Friends” by The Beatles while dreaming of being in Australia.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Stone Phillips, our very own Fiction Section Editor, on a higher level this week. He’s a hard worker with a very fun spirit. Say hi!

What is your position at The Circle?
I am the fiction section editor.

What do you think this position has done for your experience in college and for future work?
The position has allowed me to better develop skills working with a team. The submissions we get have also inspired me to work harder as a writer.

What would your life theme song be? Why?
With a Little Help from My Friends by the Beatles. Not an original choice I know, but my friends have gotten me out of some bad situations.

What social media (Tumblr, Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc.) would you say best fits your personality?
I don’t really use it anymore, but I guess Twitter. It’s short, simple, and to the point.

Lets say you had the choice to be anything in the world, what would you be?
Well I want to be a writer, but if it was anything I would want to be an astronaut or astrophysicist. I love anything to do with space.

Favorite animal?
A sloth. It moves at its own pace.

What is your hidden talent?
I don’t know if I really have one. I am able to retain a lot of details from any story. Books, movies, TV, anything. I guess that counts.

If you could give advice any celebrity, who would it be and what would you say?
I would tell Kanye he makes good music, but he is not a god.

What meme best describes your life?
Any Bad Luck Brian meme. Not being pessimistic, but weird things tend to happen to me.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
Australia. Always wanted to go there.



Written by: Natalie Robinette
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