May the Odds be EVER in Your Favor

Happy Halloween week from the Circle! We know that you’re all bouncing back from midterms and start of the week stress, so we have a sweet incentive for everyone to get in spirit of one of our favorite holidays.

While we aren’t hosting The Hunger Games, we are holding a contest for all of our readers this week.

Through this Friday, Nov. 1, at 3 p.m., we’ll be accepting photo submissions for the most creative Halloween costume! Winners of the contest will receive a special treat from us and the recognition for having the most cleverly creative costume!

Basically any kind of costume is on the table, and whether it’s a mummy or Miley Cyrus, we want to see it. Group and couple costumes are also welcome.

To enter, you must either like or have already liked our Facebook page, and submissions can be sent through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Just tag us in the post (@AuburnCircle for Twitter and Instagram) or post the photo on our Facebook wall.

For a little bit of creative inspiration, check out this article. 

Happy Costume Hunting!

Spooky Stories

Midterms are over. So basically, the scariest part of the fall is over for all of us as well. Now it’s time to revel in the pumpkin pastries, crisp weather and all things flannel and cozy. To make the fall even more perfect, we suggest picking up a good book to take your mind off of all of the mid semester stress. Consider it a warmup for the all of the wonderful works that we have coming your way at the end of the semester during our Fall 2013 distribution. Until our newest Circle comes out though, we suggest picking up one of these spooky favorites to get you into the Halloween Spirit.

1. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow 

2. The Halloween Tree

3. House of Leaves 

4. World War Z

5. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

6. The Shining

7. Dracula

8. Dark Side: The Haunting

9. The Raven 

10. Macbeth