Circle Snapshots

I am wrapped in fleece and flannel, sitting cross-legged in an antique dining room floor. It never snows in Alabama, but the white Christmas tree lights that dance off the facets of the crystal chandelier allow us to pretend. I am too old to believe in Santa anymore, but Pawpaw still goes out onto the porch with bells every December 24th and pretends to be a sleigh. Meemaw’s ancient emerald eyes crinkle with mirth.

             “Oh, you girls better get on home and get to bed! Y’all better hurry, or you’ll                                        
              wake up to coal in your stockings!”

My mother and father rush my sister and me out into the red-cheeked frost.

Just like in this sneak peak passage from Laura Raye May’s Snapshots from our upcoming Fall 2013 issue, the holidays are coming up. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the prospects of a holly jolly end of the semester, there’s a cause for celebration to break up all of the last minute projects, papers and finals. Starting December 3rd, we’re ready to start our Distribution week! Kicking the week off on Tuesday, Dec. 3, we’ll be having our biannual launch party SNAPS. This will be the first place to grab our Fall 2013 issue of the magazine, so come out for some food and a break from the monotonous and stressful last week of class. After the 3rd, we’ll be handing out magazines on the concourse, at the Student Center and in the Lowder Lounge on the 4th and 5th.

So take a break and come see us at SNAPS and Distribution. Now that you’ve seen a snapshot of what we’ve got going on after Thanksgiving, make sure to finish Laura Raye May’s Snapshots by picking up our Fall 2013 issue. We’re excited to give this one out!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving from The Auburn Circle!

Friday Favorites

Hello again, Circle readers! In honor of the best day of the week, here are five of our favorite things from the last seven days.

1. Scented candles





There’s nothing quite as comforting as the flicker of a flame and the scent of “Frosted Cranberry” or “Winter Candy Apple” or even “Party Dress.”

2. Backyard bonfires

In case you didn’t notice, this week featured some freakishly cold weather. Warming up by a fire in your backyard is the best study break there is.

3. Women’s Health and Wellness Chocolate Festival

This Wednesday, the Women’s Resource Center hosted its annual Chocolate Festival. A festival of chocolate. Enough said.

4. Sea Legs by The Shins
Do your ears a favor and give this song a listen.

5. Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines by Nic Sheff

An eye-opening story of relapse and recovery, Tweak delves into the strength and faith needed to overcome addiction.