Meet our Staff: Dana Stuckey

Meet Dana Stuckey, senior in radio, television and film, and our visual arts editor! She has been on the photography and arts staff since freshman year and became an editor this past fall. She originally came into Auburn as an aerospace engineering, but decided she needed more artistic influence in her life.

“I did a lot of stuff with my literary magazine in high school,” Dana said. “When I started at Auburn, I was in aerospace engineering, so I kind of wanted that outlet to keep being creative.”

She said her favorite artist is Robert Rauschenberg, the American painter and graphic artist.

“We did a lot of stuff in my senior honors photography class in high school with him, and it was really cool,” Dana said.

Dana also said one of her favorite mediums for submissions is light painting.

“It’s a type of photography,” she explained. “I tried it once and I wasn’t very good at all. Mary Cole, who’s on our staff, did her senior thesis in light painting and it’s my favorite thing to see.”

In addition to offering a creative outlet, Dana said The Circle has given her more direction for her future career.

“It helped me discover what I really wanted to do,” she said. “So now I do want to be a visual editorial photojournalist for a magazine. So it really just helped me define where I want to go.”

The visual arts section received 164 art submissions this semester. Dana said it’s hard to choose among the hundreds of submissions she’s seen, but her favorite piece ever submitted to the Circle was “Crag” by Andrew Whited in the Fall 2013 issue.

“I’m also kind of outdoorsy, so I had a very emotional response to it,” Dana said.

Maybe your piece will be Dana’s new favorite! Thanks to all our awesome submitters!


How We Choose

Wow, thanks so much to our incredible submitters! We received 48 poetry submissions, 160 visual art submissions, 5 non-fiction submissions, 10 fiction and 5 fashion. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

We’re now in the process of narrowing down which pieces will be published in the magazine. We hear students say all the time, “I submitted but didn’t get in the magazine, what’s up with that?”

While we would love to publish everyone’s works, unfortunately, we have a limited number of pages to work with. The process of elimination is not easy, and we definitely don’t take it lightly. Pieces are not arbitrarily chosen. A grading rubric is assigned to each piece, specific to its genre. Section editors go over every piece with the rubric and total up the final scores. The higher the rubric score, the more likely the piece is to be published. Section editors then discuss their choices with their section staff to see if the decision is unanimous. A list is compiled of published and unpublished work. A section editor will occasionally bring in a submitter to clarify meaning, edit grammar or help trim the piece down to fit.

The elimination process is not easy and none of our staff takes it lightly. If you don’t get chosen to be published in the Spring 2014 issue of The Circle, don’t worry. We’re going to showcase some of the unpublished works on the blog, so your work will still reach Auburn University!

Meet our Fall 2013 Contributors: Derek Herscovici

Derek Herscovici, senior in journalism, is no stranger to work with Auburn University’s student media. He has worked as a campus reporter at The Auburn Plainsman for a year and as a member of the visual arts staff at The Auburn Circle for two years. Last semester, he submitted photos from his trips to China and Italy. Despite his impressive works, Derek said he’s an amateur photographer.

“I’ve never really been ‘into’ photography,” Derek said. “My roommate has all the different cameras and walks around with different lens and stuff. I’ve always been more about just going somewhere and just using a really simple camera and taking photos, more like documenting what I’m doing rather than ‘I have to make this whole scene an artwork.’

The photos Derek submitted to the last issue of The Circle were taken on trips abroad.

“[My trip to China] was insane,” Derek said. “That’s when I got my camera, and I swear I probably took about 3000 photos in a two-week span. I was taking hundreds of photos a day.” Herscovici’s photos “Dreamland”, “Yangshuo Bridge” and “Boy Selling Shoes” were taken in the jungle village of Yangshuo, 300 miles from Hong Kong. He took “Hercules Slaying a Centaur” while on a family trip to Italy.

“This past summer, my family went to Istanbul…during the riots actually,” Derek said. “We went to these Greek islands, went to Athens, then flew into Florence.”

Derek has served on the photography/art staff for The Circle since Fall 2012. He always wanted to submit work, but procrastinated on submitting for a few semesters. He finally decided to join the staff to be fully involved.

“I like having a say in what goes in and what goes out,” Derek said. “Being there and being able to say ‘I think this should be included’ or ‘this shouldn’t be included.’ Besides that, it’s one of the best-looking magazines that I know of, at least student magazines. I think it looks really good.”

After graduation, Derek said he’d like to be involved in magazine journalism. “I’d like to report on cultural things and do all sorts of art pieces,” Derek said.

Want to know how our staff decides which submissions are published? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post!