7 Ways to Get in the Loop with AU Student Media

On a scale of out of the loop to news junkie, where do you fall when it comes to student media on Auburn’s campus?

There’s literally something for everyone, and whether you’re a poet looking for a place to publish, a student that cherishes all of your memories from college or a student that can’t make it through the day without 24/7 music, AU Student Media has got you covered. Maybe you’re closer to “out of the loop” on the spectrum, but fear not! Here are 7 ways to “get in the loop” with AU Student Media.

1. No matter what your creative outlet, we want to hear about it at The Auburn Circle. We take submissions twice a year (at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters) and we LOVE to see out of the box submissions. Send us your best fashion, movie pilots, songs or anything else creative that you’ve got up your sleeves. Expect another submission period in January, so get working.

2. Everybody’s day is better with music, so why not listen to music from some of Auburn’s coolest DJ’s? Some personal favorites are the WEGL Morning Show and 80’s Rewind, but that’s just two of many. There’s literally a show for everyone on WEGL, so check out the schedule and tune in to 91.1 FM.

3. If you’re looking to kickstart your weekends, check out Eagle Eye TV‘s “Wake Up, Auburn!” The show is every Friday morning at 9 a.m., and keeping up with the latest gossip, news and happenings on Auburn’s campus is the best way to end the school week and start the weekend.

4. Knowing what’s happening in the news is actually cool. The Auburn Plainsman comes out each Thursday, and it’s completely free to get the scoop on Auburn and the community. Have an opinion? Write a letter to the editor. The limit is 300 words, and the form can be found here.

5. Did you miss a big event and want to see what it was all about? Check out the Glom’s Facebook page and look at all of their photo albums. The yearbook photo staff is on top of it, and looking at some of the photos is like the next best thing if you missed the event.

6. Are you a master of the Internet and can craft a tweet in 140 characters or less? The Glom is currently looking for a PR editor. What better way to get in the loop than to work with the rest of the awesome AU Student Media staff? If you’re interested, send an email to kaf0005@auburn.edu.

7. Want to learn even more about AU Student Media? Stay connected with all of us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We love our social media, and it’s the best way to get involved with what we’ve got going on.

Follow us @AuburnCircle, @EagleEyeTV, @AuburnGlomerata, @WEGL_AU, @TheAUPlainsman, and @WAKEUPAUBURN.