Circle Media

Contrary to popular belief, staff members at The Auburn Circle love our social media. Yes, we love print. But at the same time, without social media, how would be broadcast our thoughts, favorite quotes and documentation of our work?

First it was Facebook. Then we moved on to Twitter. And now you all get to read a few blog posts from us each week here on WordPress.

But now there’s a new social media platform in town, and The Auburn Circle is ready. Are you?

That’s right. We’ve moved to Instagram. We have so many talented submissions, published visual art and overall Insta-worthy moments that happen in the office, at our events and through our lovely submissions.

Besides, where else would we post the plentiful photos of funny faces made by staff members at our events?


For sneak peaks of our visual art, a glance at the lives of our awesome staff, information regarding our events, distribution and deadlines, videos and Circle sightings, make sure to follow us @AuburnCircle.

Have a suggestion for what you want to see on Instagram? Let us know! Send us a tweet, shoot us a message on Facebook, tag us in a photo or drop by the office and see us.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

The Auburn Circle staff