Classifieds: Circle Staff Members

If you’ve ever taken so much as a peek at some of our past “Meet the Staff Mondays” blog posts or spoken to a couple of our staff members, then it probably comes at no surprise that we are a pretty diverse staff.

Speaking from my own personal experience on the PR team of the Circle, I can easily say that I’ve never worked with such a unique set of individuals. On the other hand, I can also say that I’ve never worked with a group of completely different personalities that mesh quite as well as our staff does. Last year’s staff consisted of journalists, RTVF majors, English majors on the literature, creative writing and professional writing tracks, engineers, fashion designers, public relations majors and graphic designers with interests that are all across the board. With some of us returning for another year of editing, designing and publishing a magazine for Auburn’s campus, it’s safe to say that we are bound to have another fun and rewarding year.

If you’re interested in getting in on the fun, learning more about putting together a magazine and joining the greatest staff that you’ll ever meet, we will be taking applications for general staff positions until Sept. 2, 2013. Applications can be found in Student Center Suite 1115, on our website or at our O-days table. When turning in an application, make sure to sign up for an interview time (Sept. 3-6), and bring your questions along to the interview.

We’re excited for everything that we have coming up this year, and we can’t wait to see what new faces and colorful personalities are interested in being on staff!