Dinosaurs & Thought Provoking Literary Fiction about the Human Condition

The Spring 2014 submission period is upon us! Meaning that it’s time for our staff to gaze in awe at all of the wonderfully creative masterpieces that you all have for us. Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down exactly what to submit to the magazine. Maybe you’re dusting off that “roses are red, violets are blue” poem that you wrote for your third grade crush in elementary school, or perhaps you’re even considering submitting that 30 page epic poem about your pet cat. Or maybe you have some kind of creative work that you are already doubtful about submitting, because you don’t think it fits into the “guidelines.”

The beautiful thing about The Auburn Circle is that we don’t really fit into kind of particular mold. We showcase the creativity of Auburn students, and we’d love to see whatever kind of creative work you’ve got. Even if it is an epic poem about Fluffy the cat. But just in case you are looking for some ideas, here’s a few things that a couple of our staff members would love to see more of.

“Typographical art”

“More fiction and nonfiction….something fantastical!”

“More submissions about dinosaurs”

“Thought provoking literary fiction about the human condition”


“Less death and rape”

“More originality”

“Interior design, architectural sketches and more fashion design”


We can’t wait to see everything that you all have planned for us! Happy submitting!