Flashback to the ’40s

Dance crazes have always been a part of college life. Whether you’re “wobbling” at the bars or “Harlem shaking” in the Student Center, you can’t escape the fads.
In fact, in the ’40s, the Jitterbug was just as hot as Gangnam Style is today. An article from the Fall 2007 issue of The Circle explores the hip trends, including dance crazes, on campus during the 1940s.

“Every Friday night the Auburn Knights band would play, and she [Dr. Anne Rose Denton, Auburn graduate 1952] and her sweetheart at the time would go hear them and dance. Anne and Bob were actually named the Auburn Knights Dancers.
‘We loved to dance,’ Denton said. ‘We waltzed and tangoed and did the Birmingham hop.'”

Keep practicing those moves and stay swell, Circle readers!