Friday Favorites

Happy Friday readers! Here’s a list of our favorite things from the week to celebrate our favorite day.

1. This last week was banned book week


Even though the week is over, make sure to live on the wild side and grab one of these books.

2. This buzzfeed article describes. our. lives. perfectly.

3. We found this video gem of Miley Cyrus, pre-twerking phase.

Miley Cyrus Jolene

4. And this video gem of JT and Jimmy Fallon teaching the proper way to use hashtags #awesome #doubleawesome #weloveit #JTfansforever

Jimmy Fallon and JT teach how to use hashtags

5. THE FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN WAS THIS WEEK. What else can we say? The Auburn Circle loves the fall. Get ready for our fall season of distribution and SNAPS.