Friday Favorites

Coming back from spring break isn’t easy. Especially when the ever-indecisive Alabama weather decides to greet returning students with a lovely dose of cold and rainy Monday. But despite the dreary start, post-spring break week has definitely had its bright and sunshiney moments. Here’s some of the Circle’s favorites for this week:


Bruce Pearl is back on the Plains, and we’re loving it! Who cares about the dreary post-spring break weather when we get to have this crazy cat ruling the Jungle? Miss the epic press conference on Tuesday? Here’s a link to the video.

2. This Week’s Episode of Auburn Sings

While the Circle staff has been busy designing a magazine that showcases some of Auburn’s best artistic talent, our friends at Eagle Eye TV have been on the hunt for some of Auburn’s best musical talent. This week’s episode of Auburn Sings was by far one of our highlights of the week! Be sure to check it out here to see the final four sing for guest judges Sammie Coates and Miss Auburn, Meg McGuffin.

3. Art Meets Grammar

The piece of work in this Buzzfeed article combines design, literature and the art of grammar. How could we not favorite this? See the full article here.

4. $1 Books

If you’re looking to stock up on your favorite books or interested in trying a blind date with a new book, the Friends of the Auburn Public Library are hosting a book sale this Saturday (March 22), and almost all of the books will be on sale for either 50 cents or $1. To take part in the epic book sale, put the kindle down, head up to Dean Road Recreation Center from 8 a.m.- 1 p.m., and trade in some quarters for a good, old-fashioned paperback. Books on a college budget. What’s not to love?

5. Sunny and Pleasant Weather 

Monday may have been dreary, but we are ending the week on a sunny and pleasant note! Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a wonderful Friday everyone!