Friday Favorites

What has everyone been talking about in the office this week?

1. How much we want spring break back. Spring break is just a tease.

2. March Madness. Well, we’ve been talking about it, but we don’t really know what exactly we’re saying. We have to ask Derek about sports if we really want to know…

3. No Impact Week. No Impact Week is an international initiative designed to promote sustainability by challenging people to live lifestyles that are better for them and for the environment. Have you been going green this week?

4. It’s official. The Toomer’s Oaks will be cut down April 23. The last rolling of the trees will be Saturday, April 20. All of us are devastated, especially Kristen. Someone should comfort her and read her The Giving Tree.

5. The BIG Event. This Saturday hundreds of Auburn students will be out serving the community. Rain or shine, students will be meeting at 8 a.m. to receive their assigned work location. Shelby and Elizabeth will be there! Will you?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.