Meet the Staff Mondays: Shelby Rice

In an ideal world, all of the ideas and fiction pieces and art pieces would come together with the snap of our fingers and make a perfect magazine. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it always goes, or ever goes for that matter. Luckily for The Auburn Circle, our staff works hard (and plays hard too) to reach the final product.

With all of this talk of staff and our upcoming applications, there’s no better time for the return of our weekly “Meet the Staff” posts. And who better to start the year off than our Editor-in-Chief, Shelby Rice.

Name: Shelby Rice
English Literature 

Shelby’s Five Favorites: 

1. Hot Tea
2. Netflix
3. London
4. Doctor Who
5.  F. Scott Fitzgerald

If your life were a TV show, which series would it be?

30 Rock. I secretly think that I’m Liz Lemon in real life.

If you could abolish any state in the US, which one would you abolish?

I often forget that the Dakotas exist, so I’d probably just get rid of South Dakota, combine it with North Dakota and just make it one giant Dakota

What is your favorite word? Please use it in a sentence example.

“Superfluous”- All I need in life is a good book, a comfortable chair and a large cup of tea; everything else is superfluous.

What’s your favorite piece from past Circle’s?

I really liked Fledermaus by Kody Blackwell from the Spring 2013 issue.

What are some of your favorite parts about working for the Circle?

First is the quality of submissions. Auburn has a lot of talented people, and it shows in the submissions. I know if I have submissions on my desk that my workday is going to be a good one because I get to read great stories and beautiful poems and look at amazing pictures and art.

Second is my staff. I had an amazing staff last year. Everyone was passionate about their work and making a great literary magazine. I think that passion brought the staff closer together, so sitting around the office didn’t feel like work – it felt like a bunch of friends talking about art. If my staff this year is anywhere as great as last year’s staff, I know we’ll be in good shape.

What do you hope to see this year?

This year, I hope to see more diversity in the submissions. We always get a lot of what I’d call “mainstream” submissions, such as fiction, poems, art, photos and graphic design. And that’s great, because those are the kinds of things that a person thinks of when they pick up a literary magazine. But The Auburn Circle is more than just a “mainstream” literary magazine; it is a showcase for all of Auburn’s artistic talent. I want to see other types of art. Interior design, industrial design, architecture, sculptures. Anything that’s artsy and different from what I’m used to seeing would make me happy.