Sneak Peak

With SNAPS less than a week away and distribution right around the corner, you can finally get your hands on the Spring 2013 issue of The Circle in mere days. Still, many of you are curious about the contents of this semester’s magazine, and we are happy to oblige. Here’s a quick sneak peak of the newest volume of the Circle. For another chance to see the insides of the Spring 2013 Circle first, come to SNAPS: Auburn Circle’s Artist Expo on Tuesday, April 23 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom. We can’t wait to share this semester’s magazine with you!

“Rush” by Marie Sartain

slept long really bad
no breakfast
too long
fingers comb hair
run people staring
dont care

stop for car
go go GO
sprint up hill
calves burn
cant stop
wish i could teleport
late late LATE

long legs quicken
gain momentum

jump up stairs
like white rabbit
move dude
out of my way

turn corner
bounce off wall
might bruise
skid stop at door

The sign says
“Today’s class is canceled.”