Collaborative Paper on (La,Sr)2CuO4 Surface Reconstructions Published in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A

K-means clustering of RHEED images during growth and annealing of (La,Sr)2CuO4 film

Our collaborative paper with Dr. Eren Suyolcu of Cornell University and Prof. Gennady Logvenov of Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research is out today in the Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A. In this work, Eren performed in situ experiments examining the surface reconstructions of Sr-doped La2CuO4 films grown by MBE. Using reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED), he tracked how the surface evolves during a shuttered growth routine in ozone and vacuum environments. Ph.D. student Patrick Gemperline applied the principle component analysis and K-means clustering codes developed in our lab by former postdoc Sydney Provence to track the evolution of these surface reconstructions and found that they match quite well to the shuttering times, supporting the conclusions from Eren’s experiments. Our contributions to the work were supported by our AFOSR Young Investigator grant.