Student & Alumni News

Fall 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Joyanta Goswami on completing his PhD and his Post-doc Position at Georgia Tech

Srping/Summer 2016

Congratulations to alumna A. Gloria Nyankima on her NIH F31 grant for her doctoral biomedical engineering research at UNC/NC State!

Congratulations to  Alexander D. Haywood (PhD),  Mahesh Parit (MS), Art Sloan (BS), and Cara Sake (BS) on their graduations

Fall 2015

Congratulations to Partha Saha for being a finalist in the MRS Science as Art Competition.

Spring 2015

Congratulations to alumna Amber Hubbard for her NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for he doctoral research at NC State.

May 2014 – Congratulations to Teng Xu, (PhD) Mr. Alex Kelly (MS), Amber Hubbard (BS), Tera Stone (BS), and Rebecca Lin (BS) on their graduation!