Learn more about Dr. Sara Driskell and her Social Interaction and Policy Lab.

Dr. Sara Driskell
Visiting Assistant Professor
Auburn University

Faculty Profile

Dr. Driskell received her B.A. in Psychology and Studies of Women and Gender from the University of Virginia in 2005. She received her Ph. D. in Social Psychology (minor in social neuroscience) from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2018, after which she joined Auburn University’s Department of Psychology also in 2018. Dr. Driskell’s research involves looking at intergroup processes in applied social psychology, including how groups perceive and interact with each other and the consequences of group membership in a variety of modern contexts, including the classroom, the workplace, and the courtroom.

Recent Publications:

  • Driskell, S. (2018). Neurophysiological Studies of Visual Emotion Perception of Crowds (Doctoral dissertation, Indiana University).‚Äč
  • Trawalter, S., Driskell, S., & Davidson, M. N. (2016). What is good isn’t always fair: on the Unintended effects of framing diversity as good. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy16(1), 69-99.