CHEN 4460: Process Synthesis, Simulation and Optimization


  • Course syllabus and outcomes (PDF)
  • Course outline (PDF)
  • Lecture schedule for 3rd edition of textbook (PDF)
  • Lecture schedule for 2nd edition of textbook (PDF)
  • Lab schedule (PDF) UPDATED
  • Heuristic Rules (Table 6.2 from SSLW) (PDF)
  • Aspen lab notes (PDF)
  • Headphones form (PDF)
  • LINGO software (ZIP)
  • Notes on averaging CP values for simulation project (PPT)
  • Departmental Homework Format (PDF)
  • Departmental Homework Format Essentials (PDF)
  • Optimization Homework (PDF)
  • AspenPlus 7.3 Database Selection Procedure (PDF)

Lecture Material

  1. Course introduction (PPT)
  2. Process creation (PPT)
  3. Heuristics for process synthesis (PPT)
  4. Sequencing separation trains (PPT)
  5. Sequencing of ordinary distillation columns (PPT)
  6. Review of non-ideal thermodynamics (PPT)
  7. Sequencing of azeotropic distillation columns (PPT)
  8. Mathematical Optimization (PPT)
  9. Heat and power integration: Targeting (PPT)
  10. Heat and power integration: Network design (PPT)

Lab Lecture Material

  1. Heuristics for process synthesis (PPT)
  2. Sequencing of separation trains (PPT)
  3. Sequencing of azeotropic distillation columns (PPT)
  4. Selection of thermodynamic models (PPT)
  5. Introducing LINGO (PPT)
  6. TBA
  7. Simulation project and reports overview (PPT)
  8. Heat and power integration (PPT)


  • Job opportunity with Syngenta (PDF)