CHEN 4470: Process Design Practice


  • Course Outline (PDF)
  • Course Syllabus and Outcomes (PDF)
  • Lecture Plan (3rd Edition of SSLW) UPDATED March 19 (PDF)
  • Lecture Plan (2nd Edition of SSL) UPDATED March 19 (PDF)
  • Project Description (PDF)
  • Team Meeting Schedule (PDF)
  • LibGuide
  • Rate-Controlled Reactions from Aspen Help (PDF)
  • Workshop Material on Reactive Systems (PDF)
  • Team Evaluation Form (PDF)
  • Official Excuse for Evonik Field Trip (PDF)
  • Directions to Evonik Site (PDF)
  • Directions from Evonik Site (PDF)
  • Pictures from Evonik Visit (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10)
  • Class Picture
  • Job Opportunity with Avid Solutions (PDF)
  • Job Opportunity with CSP Technologies (PDF)
  • Final Presentation Schedule (PDF)
  • Presentation Rehearsal Schedule (PDF)
  • Senior Exit Interview Schedule (PDF)

Lecture Material

  1. Course Introduction and Project Overview (PPT)
  2. Contents of Reports (PPT)
  3. Modeling Gasification Systems in Aspen Plus (PPT)
  4. Using the Auburn University Library Databases
  5. Gasification of Coal and Biomass Resources (PDF)
  6. Introduction to Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (PPT)
  7. Overview of Mass Exchange Operations (PPT)
  8. Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks I (PPT)
  9. Synthesis of Mass Exchange Networks II (PPT)
  10. Graphical Mass Integration Techniques (PPT)
  11. Algebraic Mass Integration Techniques (PPT)
  12. Advanced Column Design and Reactive Distillation (PPT)
  13. Reboiler Selection and Design (PPT)
  14. Design of Overhead Condensers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (PPT)
  15. Integration of Design and Control I (PPT)
  16. Integration of Design and Control II (PPT)
  17. Equipment Sizing and Pinch Analysis (PPT)
  18. Process Risk Assessment and Inherently Safe Process Design (PPT)
  19. Role of the Design Engineer in Technology Development (PPT)
  20. Industrial Process Control (PPT)
  21. Property Prediction and CAMD (PPT)
  22. Introduction to Six Sigma (PPT)
  23. Final Reports and Oral Presentations (PPT)
  24. End of Class Business (PPT)

Assessment Rubrics

  • Design Projects (PDF)
  • Written Communication (PDF)
  • Oral Communication (PDF)
  • Ethics, Safety, Society, Environment (PDF)
  • Other Work Skills (PDF)