The research of Dr. Eden’s group focuses on the development of systematic methodologies for process and product synthesis, design, integration, and optimization. By combining fundamental chemical engineering principles and process systems engineering approaches novel methods are developed that enable targeted solution of problems related to debottlenecking, pollution prevention and resource conservation.

Current Projects

Reverse problem formulation techniques for targeted design
Property based process and product design
Componentless techniques for process and molecular synthesis
Optimization of logistical fuel processing
Optimization of biorefineries and other polygeneration systems

Funding Sources

National Science Foundation CAREER Program
Auburn University Undergraduate Research Fellowship (AU-URF)
EPA STAR Fellowship Program
US Department of Education GAANN Program
US Army Space Missile Defense Command (SMDC) through CM3
Evonik Degussa Corporation
Masada Resource Group LLC
Auburn University Competitive Research Grant Program (AU-CRG)
DOE Consortium for Fossil Fuel Science (CFFS)
Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES)
Department of Transportation – Southeast Sungrant
US Department of Agriculture – NIFA