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Spring 2017

Scales, R. Q., & Rogers, C. (2017, spring). Novice teacher leadership: Determining the impact of a leadership licensure requirement after one year of teaching. The Professional Educator, 41(1).

Cowan Pitre, C., Koch-Patterson, P., & Groves Price, P. (2017, spring). Developing civic-minded teacher leaders through service-learning school partnerships. The Professional Educator, 41(1).

Fall 2016

Kent, A. M. & Giles, R. M. (2016, fall). Dual certification in general and special education: What is the role of field experience in preservice teacher preparation? The Professional Educator, 40(2).

Charner-Laird, M., Kirkpatrick, C.L., Szczesiul, S., Watson, D., & Gordon, P. (2016, fall). From collegial support to critical dialogue: Including new teachers’ voices in collaborative work. The Professional Educator, 40(2).

Spring 2016

Whitworth, J., Deering T., Jones, S., & Hardy, S. (2016, spring). Hiring quality teachers: The devil is in the details. The Professional Educator, 40(1).

Green, A. M. & Kent, A. M. (2016, spring). Developing science and mathematics teacher leaders through a math, science & technology initiative. The Professional Educator, 40(1).

Fall 2015

Gelfuso, A., Dennis, D. V., & Parker, A. (2015, fall). Turning teacher education upside down: Enacting the inversion of teacher preparation through the symbiotic relationship of theory and practice. The Professional Educator, 39(2).

Waddell, J. & Vartuli, S. (2015, fall). Moving from traditional teacher education to a field-based urban teacher education program: One program’s story of reform. The Professional Educator, 39(2). 

Spring 2015

Fuentes, S. Q. & Spice, L. (2015, spring). Challenges encounters in building a university-high school collaboration: A case study. The Professional Educator, 39(1).

Eisenman, G., Edwards, S., & Cushman, C. A. (2015, spring). Bringing reality to classroom management in teacher education. The Professional Educator, 39(1).

Fall 2014

Myers, E. L. (2014, fall). Taming turbulence: An examination of school leadership practice during unstable times. The Professional Educator, 38(2).

Colwell, C., MacIsaac, D., Tichenor, M., Heins, B., & Piechura, K.. (2014, fall). District and university perspectives on sustaining professional development schools: Do the NCATE standards matter? The Professional Educator, 38(2).

Spring 2014

Murray, J. (2014, spring). Critical issues facing school leaders concerning data informed decision-making. The Professional Educator, 38(1).

Gardiner, W., & Salmon, D. (2014, spring). Faculty research residencies: A response to the problem of enactment. The Professional Educator, 38(1).

Fall 2013

Vaughn, M., & Faircloth, B. (2013, fall). Teaching with a purpose in mind: Cultivating a vision. The Professional Educator, 37(2).

Scales, R. (2013, fall). Examining the sustainability of pre-service teachers’ visions of literacy instruction in their practice. The Professional Educator, 37(2).

Spring 2013

Asplin, K. N., & Marks, M. J. (2013, spring). Increasing the influence of university supervisors during student teaching. The Professional Educator, 37(1).

Breault, R. A. (2013, spring). “She was great, but…”: Examining preservice recollections of favorite and most effective teachers. The Professional Educator, 37(1).

Fall 2012

Burbank, M., Ramirez, L., & Bates, A. (2012, fall). Critically reflective thinking in urban teacher education: A comparative case study of two participants’ experiences as content area teachers. The Professional Educator, 36(2).

Wong, C. (2012, fall). A case study of college level second language teachers’ perceptions and implementations of communicative language teaching. The Professional Educator, 36(2).

Spring 2012

Range, B. G., Holt, C. R., Pijanowski, J., & Young, S. (2012, spring). The perceptions of primary grade teachers and elementary principals about the effectiveness of grade-level retention. The Professional Educator, 36(1).

Freeman, G., Izzard, M., Faulkner, R., & Charles, J. (2012, spring). University school of education promoting diversity awareness and initiatives. The Professional Educator, 36(1).

Fall 2011

Lee, Y. A. (2011, fall). What does teaching for social justice mean to teacher candidates? The Professional Educator, 35(2).

Gardiner, W. & Robinson, K.S. (2011, fall). Peer field placements with preservice teachers: Negotiating the challenges of professional collaboration. The Professional Educator, 35(2).

Spring 2011

Cherubini, L., Kitchen, J., Goldblatt, P., & Smith, D. (2011, spring). Broadening landscapes and affirming professional capacity: A metacognitive approach to teacher induction. The Professional Educator, 35(1).

Russell, M. L. & Russell, J. A. (2011, spring). Mentoring relationships: Cooperating teachers’ perspectives on mentoring student interns. The Professional Educator, 35(1).

Fall 2010

Monroe, A. E., Blackwell, S. E., & Pepper, S. K. (2010, fall). Strengthening professional development partnerships while bridging classroom management instruction and practice. The Professional Educator, 34(2).

Hur, J. W., & Suh, S. (2010, fall). The development, implementation, and evaluation of a summer school for English language learners. The Professional Educator, 34(2).

Spring 2010

Allen, K. P. (2010, spring). Classroom management, bullying, and teacher practices. The Professional Educator, 34(1).

Fayne, H., & Matthews, I. T. (2010, spring). A local solution to a national problem: Preparing preservice candidates for urban middle schools. The Professional Educator, 34(1).

Fall 2009

Kosko, K. W., & Wilkins, J. L. M. (2009, fall). General educators’ in-service training and their self-perceived ability to adapt Instruction for students with IEP’s. The Professional Educator, 33(2).

Obara, S., & Sloan, M. (2009, fall). The evolving role of a mathematics coach during the implementation of performance standards. The Professional Educator, 33(2).

Spring 2009

Stanulis, R. N., & Ames, K. T. (2009, spring). Learning to mentor: Evidence and observation as tools in learning to teach. The Professional Educator, 33(1).

Korth, B. B, Erickson, L., & Hall, K. M. (2009, spring). Defining teacher educator through the eyes of classroom teachers. The Professional Educator, 33(1).

Hitt, A. M. & Helms, E. C. (2009, spring). Best in show: Teaching old dogs to use new rubrics. The Professional Educator, 33(1).

Fall 2008

Bates, A. J., & Burbank, M. D. (2008 fall). Effective student teacher supervision in the era of No Child Left Behind. The Professional Educator, 32(2).

Perrachione, B. A., Rosser, V. J., & Peterson, G. J. (2008 fall). Why do they stay? Elementary teachers’ perceptions of job satisfaction and retention. The Professional Educator, 32(2).

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Spring 2008

Castle, S., Arends, R. I., & Rockwood, K. D. (2008, spring). Student learning in a professional development school and a control school. The Professional Educator, 32(1).

Wray, S. (2008, spring). Swimming upstream: Shifting the purpose of an existing teaching portfolio requirement. The Professional Educator, 32(1).

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Cherubini, L. (2008, spring). Teacher-candidates’ perceptions of schools as professional communities of inquiry: A mixed-methods investigation. The Professional Educator, 32(1).

Fall 2007

Cherubini, L. (2007, fall). Speaking up and speaking freely: Beginning teachers’ critical perceptions of their professional induction. The Professional Educator, 29(1).

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