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This is what happens when you gather curious learners from different walks of life around uncommon opportunities.

About Emerge

Emerge is a successive leadership journey at Auburn University. Together, through a paradigm of service as leadership, we solve problems that exist on and around campus.

Learn from Doing

Learn from Doing

Extracurricular Impact

Extracurricular Impact

See Fresh Angles

See Fresh Angles

Emerge Principles


We believe leaders align their actions with inherent convictions.


A definitive marker of a leader is the ability to see an alternative future worth forming.


Leaders know their limits and how to bring out the best in others toward a desired result.


Change requires the ability to convey ideas and information, and leaders make change.


Leaders maximize value through seeing and doing things differently.


We see a preoccupation for others’ good in the actions and legacy of leaders we follow.

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